Alert when inside a citadel under attack

Hi there,
don’t know if it is an already discussed matter, but it would be nice having a red alarm when you are docked inside a citadel.
If I stay inside for 2-3 hours and the citadel is attacked, how I would notice it?



Email alerts are already being used to get notifications by attackers by simply having items dropped in the station without docking and then once they go abandoned they attack it and loot.

Nono, I mean when you are online and inside a citadel, not offline.

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The lasers and bullets are an indicator, followed by death.

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So have I to click the view outside button every now and then?
For example when I’m docked and at war.

You can undock and it probably will send a “bing” notification on the respawn

Just a red alarm when you are docked would be enough.

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Could park an MTU outside or something and then get the killmail

Don’t care about the killmail, I meant that if I’m inside afk or doing things and someone attacks the citadel, it seems I won’t be able to notice that someone is knocking the door without undock or by the view outside button.

There is a notification that your station is under attack if its yours. Otherwise, yeah, look out the window.

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Flashing hangar lights and other “you are under attack” voiceover work would be overkill, but great.
A ping, of the “contract accepted” or “buddy online” type would be good.

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