Structure attack internal alert


Can I make a suggestion that when you’re docked in a structure that is under attack that there is some kind of alert. I personally would like to see red strobe lights or something similar. Or you know the kind of lights construction sites have, those orange ones that spin around, perhaps those ones but red on the walls of the inside of the station. Or on the pilon under the ship? Perhaps there’d be an alarm sound as well to suggest that the structure is under attack.

Good idea? At the moment, if you’re docked there’s absolutely nothing to show you that the structure you’re in is being attacked. This doesn’t seem realistic to me.

Has already been suggested in the past in some form. Warnings for structures under attack where you have jobs running would also be very nice to have. But that would be actual QOL changes and with this CCP you can’t have that.

What is QOL?

Quality Of Life changes, things that remove unnecessary complexity, make things easier to understand, improve procedures, make information easier accessible.

Oh, why can’t CCP do that?

They can, Zhalyd is just being a bitter vet about it.

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@CCP_Fozzie @CCP_Lebowski @CCP_TrashMob @CCP_Unnon
Please look at recommending and implementing this!
It just makes no sense that a structure can just be silent and get along as normal inside while all hell breaks loose outside. There should be an alarm or warning light!

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