Structure under attack by NPCs?

So I have a structure that has public docking in highsec but no other permission allowed. I just got a series of notifications that Blood Raiders, yes the NPC Pirate corporation, were attacking my structure. No one was able to sit in the seat so it isn’t possible that someone simply shot at the rats with it. They did no actual damage either.


pirate forward operating base in that system

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You’re right… Bunch of npc frigates swarming outside it. Weird…

If players don’t deal with the FOB in the system, the NPCs get fighty
Say hello to our new NPC AI overlords

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Explode the FOB if you want them to leave.

Quick question though, was your station vulnerable at the time and they were doing no damage or were they shooting an invulnerable structure?

Sweet :slight_smile:

Let us know how she fares.

There are people who can help. In game channels: FOB Hunt and The Defense Network for starters.

Yes, it was vulnerable for the two hours it was attacked. They did no credible damage though.

I imagine they did not break the incoming damage threshold?

Five frigates should be able to meet the minimum DPS (like 400 DPS for a medium structure), and as long as they keep applying damage, the reinforcement window should stay open until it gets reinforced, even if that takes hours.

I would say either the same mechanics don’t apply to NPCs, or they are fickle and wander off after a time before they finish reinforcing the structure.

More investigation needed.

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