Message of the Day for Upwell Structures

Hello all,

I think it would be nice to have a more visible MOTD style message that is visible when you’re docked. Ideally this would be separate from the struture description, but having the structure description visible while docked would be a start.
This could be displayed in the same area as the agent/guest/office list. Main use could be to inform users of the structure about changes (taxes, services etc.), of course other news could be posted here as well.


I like this idea.


Not something I’ve seen suggested before, but that could be a really useful way for the owner of a structure to communicate with the people that use it, especially where it is something that would help them plan activities.

I would prefer it to be a bulletin instead. Just like how corporations and alliances can do. But I do agree that some kind of notice to the pilots that use the structure is needed.

The structure’s description is more for static information that doesn’t change. Unfortunately that’s all we have right now though so I just hope people pay attention to it when I turn off services to my public structures.

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