Announcements from Structure Owners

I would like to see a function, similar to mailing lists, that allows the owning corporation to inform it’s users of any upcoming changes.

You own a Raitaru that has blueprint and refining services. You are running a deficit on fuel costs on the structure and would like to cleanly turn off the services temporarily without interrupting anyone’s jobs.

Perhaps expand this mail idea to a calendar event. In fairness I think this would need to be anonymously sent to the active users of the structure without the owner knowing who it is.


agreed ive had a couple of stations now that’s run out of fuel during research and production that cost me 2 weeks

Just use the structures description that was added exactly for this

No, that was introduced so people can advertise what their setup is. Not as a bulletin board.

it was introduced for the station owner to use to communicate any information they needed to

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