UI update for structures

There are a lot of structures out there which are open to the public, I propose the idea of changing the gui to include a timer on how long is left before the ice runs out and the services are disabled. The change to the gui would also be hidden to others when those structures are not open to the public.

The benefits would be that it would allow public users to identify those who are good with fueling and those who are not worth starting industry jobs on and having them pause soon due to lack of fuel. This could also be a means of identifying corps / alliances who know what they’re doing and potentially improve their recruitment too.

The disadvantages of such a addition would be that it would also point out which structures would probably be a good target to hit for a juicy kill, at least to those with a keen eye.

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I can see this work with “vague times” like less then a week or more then 2 weeks or so.
Giving specific times, would be most beneficial to the people looking to take them down. Especially with the “structure 2.0” update in 2018, where a structure with no fuel will have reduced offensive capabilities and HP.

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