Question about clones in player-owned Structures

I was just wondering, if I have a clone in a player-owned structure, will I be notified if the structure is under attack, or at least destroyed? Or will my clone simply dissapear from my clone list?


You will be notified if the structure is destroyed, or the clone bay otherwise removed, resulting in the destruction of the clones in the bay.

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In addition, you will also get an “Your assets located in a structure are at risk” eve-mail warning if the structure is low on fuel and about to go low-power within 2 days, and another eve-mail warning when it does go low-power.

Just to avoid confusion: It is an in-game notification, eve-mails are a separate section of that window, same window but a completely separate category / tab within it.

Do you still get that warning if your only asset in that structure is a clone ?


Confused the heck out of me the first time it happened.

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