Station gets destroyed, then what?

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What happens to the player items docked/stored in an upwell station when it gets destroyed in a war?


They go into asset safety if the structure was not abandoned, or drop as loot if the structure was in abandoned state at the time of the destruction.

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What determines an “abandoned state”?

The game determines that. It’s an additional bracket text on the structure. If a structure has not had a fuel-using service online for 7 days, it goes into that state.


Fuel… Determines abandoned state.

Once a structures runs out of fuel it goes into low power and than 7 days later abandoned.

Once abandoned anything stored in the structure by any player can drop for people to pickup. If a structure is killed in low power just the structure module and core drops but people stuff stored in their hangers goes to asset safety.

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In addition, any players logged off within a structure that is destroyed will find themselves logging in at the position in space it used to occupy in the ship they were logged off in.


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