Mechanism to notifying all clone holders in a structure that the clone service is being removed/off-lined

Problem No system to notify clone bay users of impending clone bay removal or service termination.
Solution Implement a system whereby a structure owner can send a notification to current clone bay users.

I have lost a few (not too expensive) clones because of an owner removing a clone bay or unanchoring a structure. People tend to change the bio of the structure to reflect the removal happening at some point but unless you go down your clones regularly checking you will be hit by this at some point.

I suggest a feature where the owner/director of a structure has the ability to send a basic message to all clone bay users, with a clone installed, that the service is going offline. It could be in the form of a button which will let you populate the timescale only (manually populated or a set of pre-configured options like 7, 14, 28 days, etc), and then the eve server can do its notification thing.

For example, the message can come from CONCORD

“Please be advised that the owner of structure XXX in XXXXX will be removing their clone services in XXX days, please make necessary arrangements for your current clone or it will be destroyed.”.

I feel that this feature will be extremely helpful to many players in this game and alleviate a significant amount of frustration that people face. Many structure owners do not want to kill their user’s clones but at the same time, you can only wait/fuel it for so long before it becomes a major inconvenience to the structure ower. At present many people I have spoken to change the bio of the structure and then even after giving it a month for people to remove their clones getting very angry mails from people who have lost mid-grade slaves, etc and demanding compensation.

This can also be very useful for Industry and Research modules being removed from the structure as well to avoid job losses and research time lost.


That would be so great. Or at least that the stuff went offline because it got reinforced. It would be a very useful notification to have.

But then again … it’s just pipe dreams with this CCP.

The reinforcement thing is also something I am very surprised that is not already implemented. When a structure gets reinforced (all states) it should send a notification to clone holders of this state.

This feature should be for most citadel features ie also for…

  1. Planning to turn off market
  2. Planning to turn off <industry facilities like copy/manufacturing/reaction/etc>
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