Clones and structure transfer?

Does a clone still exist if a citadel is transferred to another corp in the alliance?

If the Citadel Clone Bay module goes offline or is removed, then all the clones die.

If the ownership is transferred without anything going offline, then they will stay alive.


I thought that offlining the module would only prevent someone from jumping to the clone for the duration that the module is offline. If this is not the case, then all jump clones in a structure can be guaranteed destroyed if a structure loses its armor and all its service modules are forced offline.

Qia, I know from first hand experience if the citadel goes low power the clone is not lost. I believe Marcus’s statement referred to the clone bay being off-lined via the fitting window.

From Eve-uni: “if the owner of the citadel offlines or unplugs the Clone module” the jump clone is lost.

I believe there was an instance of a PL director doing just such a thing when he left on bad terms and a lot of players losing slave sets.

This still strikes me as odd. My expectation would be that it doesn’t matter how a service module is offlined, whether it be by losing armor, running out of fuel, or being switched off manually.

The Upwell structure quick facts guide from the official eve domain makes no mention of losing the clones for being offline. It says only the following:

Jump clones and their implants are lost when a structure is destroyed or unanchored, or when the cloning service is removed.

Certainly a malicious user could remove the service via the fitting window and destroy the clones, but a less malicious person could also offline the module without unfitting the module. In the case of industry jobs, offlining merely pauses the jobs. I would expect jump clones to be similarly ‘paused’ until the service module is again brought online.

I don’t see anything that directly contradicts destruction of the clones for going offline, but if I were placing bets, I’d bet on an error in the Eve-University article in this case because of the extra work involved in programming a specific exception to destroy clones for an offline service if and only if it is offlined in the fitting window and not by other means, and the lack of any rationale that would justify doing that work.

In this case its actually just a simple IF statement to check if the reason it went offline was because of a system change or a user change or from the destruction of the structure or a loss of fuel etc, i mean they already have to log why it went offline in the first place

I installed a clone service, just now. Installed a clone. Clicked to turn off the cloning service. I get a warning clones will go ‘inactive’. I then turn off the cloning service anyway.

My clone is still there, albiet I can not switch to it unless I online the module again. The university article is in error. Offlining suspends clones, it does not destroy them.


Great research – thanks!

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