Question about clones and citadels

I’m trying to figure out a way to juggle different clones with implants for different ships. Recently I found out you can switch to a clone in the citadel you’re currently in without triggering the cooldown, which is awesome. I would like to swap between more than two clones however and I cant see any way of doing that without anchoring multiple astruhus (astruhi?) so that I can store a clone in each one (there aren’t enough public ones anchored nearby). Is there another solution that I’m missing?

This could help you figure it out:

There is no other way to get multiple clones in the same system and to switch between them without a timer.

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There seems to be quite a few people who think this limit should be removed, so this might be changed in the future. For now, however, it is one jump clone per structure.

Do be aware that you can lose access to a clone if the clone bay is offlined (i.e. the station runs out of fuel). And the clone can be destroyed if the structure is unanchored or destroyed. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use upwell structures to store clones, but you should be aware of the risk.

I’ll personally keep clean/cheap clones anywhere, and will sometimes use more questionable stations to park more expensive clones for short periods of time (i.e. a few hours). However, the only structures that I’ll use for long term storage of expensive clones are one’s in which I know: (1) that the owners will keep the structure fueled, and (2) that the owners are capable of defending the structure. And if none are available that meet these criteria, I’ll just put my clone in an NPC station.

By the way, I used to have no qualms about using whatever station was nearby when I only needed a couple of hours of clone storage. Unless a station is about to hit a hull timer, they take a long time to kill. And what’s the odds of fuel running out while I’m in the abyss or whatnot? Well, it turns out that the answer to that is not zero. Fortunately, attempts to contact station owners have been successful for me so far, but there is always a risk that you can get screwed when using random structures.

Sigh, all I want is a clean space port where I can put my meat. Wait… that came out wrong.

Quantum cores raise the cost of structure ownership, and incentivize structure bashing by providing a guaranteed loot drop. Thus, anchoring your own structures probably isn’t the best idea right now. Naturally, I think you’d be better off joining a corp and using their structures, rather than anchoring your own.

I also consider the Tranquility Trading Tower (Perimeter) and I Choose You’s structures (everywhere) to be reasonably safe.

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