What implants for universal Highsec mission clone

I used to only fly Golem, but now I have all four marauders with dedicated clones, and jump clone cooldown is getting very inconvenient. If I was to use one single clone to fly all 4 marauders, what implants would be most practical?

Warp speed is good start

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The ones that would benefit all 4 ship hulls, that is capacitor recharge. High-grade Rapture. The fits will have to be adjusted so you can get more of something on every hull.

If you have access to an upwell structure you trust with a clone bay, you can put the clones in there and swap without a cooldown. Note that the owner will be able to lock you out with no ability to recover the clone if they want to, hence the “you trust” part.


If that person isnt you, you should rather have a “no trust” plan. Not storing clones when you dont really need them. They can see that you use clones and can try to extort you, if they think the clones are expensive.

I trust Villy’s greed to maintain good rep with the TTT more than my own willingness to defend my own personal structures.

The TTT is safe and has literally no enemies that can come close to harming it. Install swapable clones there risk free.

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