Q. About Implants and Upwell Structure Destruction

If my character is logged out inside of a player owned keepstar, and said keepstar gets blown up, does my character lose its implants or is it all saved with asset safety?

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If an Upwell structure is destroyed while your docked, once you log back into the game you’ll be in your ship at the structures location; in a worst case scenario you’ll be in your pod. Your implants, or more precise your pod, will not be destroyed in any way while docked in an upwell structure; you’ll simply put just load in, in you ship/pod, where the structure used to be.


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Alas, if you enjoy the cheap clonebay with its helpful instant jump back options in that said structure, the stored clone including implants will be gone.

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The same applies if the owner ever removes the cloning service module. Running out of fuel or manually deactivating the service makes stored clones inaccessible and unrecoverable until the module is onlined again.

Use of a cloning service you do not trust to be dependable is risky, so judge what you are willing to risk in one accordingly.


It may not belong here thematically, but the whole clone thing is half-baked stuff.

It’s always annoying to have to place these things everywhere with appropriate implants.

I have Supercarrier implants clone, Rattlesnake implants clone, Gila/Abyss implants clone, PvP clone, clone in staging system, clone in tradehub system.

Add to that someday FAX implant clone, titan implant clone… My head is spinning as to where to place them all.

I’d like the clones to be detached from the implants. Just clones that you can put a set of implants on top of at will.

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