Logging off in stations

Is it possible to logoff in any way while in a station. Every time ive tried looking for a “log off safely” button while docked, i cant find one. Is it not possible to logoff in a station? and if youre game were to shut down while you were docked, would you be undocked and floating outside the station until the logoff timer expired (however long that might be)?

Press Esc then quit game.

No you won’t be ejected if you exit the game while docked. You will stay docked.

If you are docked in an Upwell structure and the structure is destroyed while you are still docked, then that clone will die. But if docked in a regular NPC station then no problem as they can’t be destroyed by players.

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Really? I always assumed you would login undocked if the structure was destroyed.

Well, I never checked what happened to the structure (i.e. was it destroyed or unanchored?), but I did have an alt docked in a structure that “ceased to be”, and I found him floating in space when I logged in. Don’t know if anything has changed since then. Don’t know if the fate of the structure has any affect on the outcome of docked clones. Now, that being said, clones in the clone bay will certainly be destroyed.

It might have changed.

Back when Upwell structures were first introduced, if you were docked and in a ship, the ship survived and went to asset safety, but the capsule died.

Original devblog:

That leaves us with player docked inside the structure when it was lost:

  • The player is podded with all normal rules applying for such a case (implants are lost) and moved to his or her medical station. If the medical clone was set to the structure that just blew up, it will be moved to a medical NPC station.
  • Player ships are safely impounded and saved, along with all their fittings and rigs. We considered destroyed the active ship as well, but that would only lead to further hassle where players would always have to remember to exit their active ship when docking at one of those new structures.

Might have changed now. Will see if I can dock a couple of alts (one in a ship and one not) in a structure that will die in the next few days; and see what happens.

I don’t think that is correct. It puts you in space. Pods in a clone bay are gone tho. But your active pod, no.

When you are docked, you and your ship are out of space and safe. No safe log needed, just quit the client. Weird to think the way you describe it. :wink: When you are done with a play session and a dockable thing is in range, just dock and close the client.

Logging off inside a station is by default a ‘safe log off’. You cannot be attacked inside that station.

You preferably do not log off in space as your ship will be floating and vulnerable for a while after you close the game (alt-f4, disconnect or close the game any other way).
‘Log off safely’ allows you to have a countdown after which your client closes and your ship is immediately removed from space. In this case you know you will still have your ship when you log back in.

If you can dock before you log off, do that instead. It allows you to log off immediately without countdown and your ship is safe.

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