Docked in a citadel belonging to a corp I am no longer a member of

What will happen when I log in? Will it kick me out? I know that stations don’t do that and you can sit in them forever unless you undock, but I am unsure about citadels.
No troll plz.

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You will not get kicked out of the citadel when you log in. However, you better check the info window of the citadel to see whether you have docking rights (check the Services tab or if there is a Services tab at all). If you do not have docking rights in low or null sec, the citadel or people outside may open fire upon you when you undock and you cannot dock again.


If you’ve been out of the game for 6 months or longer and return to find you’re in an unfriendly station located in hostile space, you can submit a Support Ticket and petition CCP for a one time move of your character, one ship and all the assets that ship can carry.

All your other assets in the station should be sold or placed in courier contract to Black Frog freight back to someplace safe.

Citadels and stations are the same in this regard. You can log in and sit in them forever.

That said, if that citadel is destroyed or unanchored, you will immediately be placed randomly into space in the ship you were in, and the rest of your stuff sent to asset safety, the next time you log in. Make sure the citadel is still there before you log in if you want to avoid being tossed into space.

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