What happens if I log in after being removed from a corp and I was docked in null sec?

Sorry, I’m sure it’s been asked before but I’ve been gone along time and I’m unsure what happens. I must of been removed from my org by now but I’m terrified that if I log in, I wil be kicked from whatever station I was in and end up floating in a very bad place and have all of my implants destroyed. If I log in and I was in a station that was owned by an org, will I be booted from that station or can I do my skills and then log out again still? Don’t want to lose tons of isk just for logging in to do my skills. Life has been very hectic lately. Just don’t have the time. Thank you.

Ok, WTF is an Org?

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My bad, a corp. Fixed OP.

Your pod will implode and your character biomassed.

Nah, nothing happens. They can’t forcefully kick you out of a citadel without unanchoring it. You’ll have no tether though and won’t be able to dock up again once undocked.

Whew, thank you very much for the response. I sincerely appreciate it.

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