New player from 2015 wanting to return - what happens when I log back in?

Hi - per the title, it’s been many years. I logged off one day in a station in some corp I was in there in null sec and just never touched it again for 9 years. I’ve had some interest in coming back to play. What happens when this account logs back in? Is my stuff suddenly out there or does it get moved somewhere? What should I be aware of?


Would take a look at EVE Support: Returning to EVE Online

If you come back after extended absence, you can create a support ticket ( and ask that your remaining assets and capsule are moved to your Home Station (Assets that cannot be moved to HighSec can be moved to a LowSec NPC station).

Also after loggin into your account, in the Character selection screen you can see what ship your character has boarded (if any) and if he is docked at a station or undocked in space.

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I am just returning/nosing around after 10 years and it was fairly smooth, all my characters and their junk is where I left it. Upon returning I have a number of ship stockpiles that need rethinking as the fits are no longer valid but that is about it.

Thanks for all the responses here. I resubbed two of my accounts. I guess all the stuff went into Asset Safety Wraps and I have to get it out of low sec at some point. They offered to move one of my ships to my home station upon request.

My fear was that I would wake up in null sec and with all my stuff and then be ganked seconds later. It wasn’t like that at all.

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