External factors are preventing you from docking


(Fobos Achasse) #1

Hey guys, i need some answers. I was sitting by my station in 0 km in low sec. then 2 T3 cruisers warp on me and started to attack, i wanted to bait until my friends will arrive, but i didn’t attack or agro on them, so i can dock. But when i tried to dock i got that messege “external factors are preventing you from docking”. What exactly prevented me from docking if i didn’t agro anyone?

(Nevyn Auscent) #2

Capital while scrambled?

(Fobos Achasse) #3

No I was in battleship

(Scipio Artelius) #4

Do you mean a station, or an Upwell structure?

If it was an Upwell structure, was there something that stopped you tethering (eg. aggression timer) or broke tethering (eg. you yellow boxed them), that then allowed them to point/scram you?

If so, that would explain it as you can’t dock in an Upwell structure when pointed/scrammed, even if you aren’t aggressing anyone.

(Fobos Achasse) #5

Ahhh, didn’t know that, they bumped me like a few km away and pointed me, then after that I got back to 0 I couldn’t dock because they scrambled me already. I wasn’t familiar with that mechanic of upwell structures

(Scipio Artelius) #6

Yeah, it’s a common tactic for ships tethered but not docked, to try that exact thing. See the 3rd dot point of the “Access Rights” section is this knowledge article:

(Fobos Achasse) #7

Thank you sir! I don’t have any questions now

(Commander Kane) #8

Also… similar concept, we would start a large fight at a structure not directly owned by us but via alts. And lock the people out from docking the minute fight started :slight_smile:

It is a thing :slight_smile: