About the new structures

Just relogged after some time. Thinks I noticed:

  • Structure browser should show, at least for “solar system”, the improvements for each structure, for example the percentages for refining.

  • The old stations had cooler designs, suitable for each faction. I like the refineries (they look like refineries), and the Keepstar, the rest - I can’t even remember their shape.

  • Why would I want to dock into a new structure in high sec for example, if the owner can revoke access at any time? Why would I take a contract to a new structure, if the owner can revoke access and make me lose the collateral? I was thinking of anchoring a structure just for this purpose myself.

Solution: if you open access to the public for your structure, there should be a 1 week timer before you can close it, and it should be visible. Else - I’m not docking there, it’s like they were created for this kindergarden like scam.

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Personal opinion: I think the keepstar is the most hideously looking structure; it’s just a stump with 2 rectangles slapped on top of it. The Fortizar with its sleek shape is the best structure shape of them all, especially with this mall-like recess in the middle of the undock hangar locations.

Only morons take contracts to citadels from entities that are not known to be reliable. Simple as that. Sadly, there are way too many morons on EVE so that docking rights scams are more rampant than ever and extremely lucrative. The introduction of the docking rights scams that were previously only possible in null sec and made hauling there such a great success story is one of CCP’s better jokes when they talk about making the game better.

But I am sure you know about that in great detail as CONDI is among those who setup loads of structures specifically for docking rights scams.

Developers can’t fix human behavior. If they want their citadels to be used as they should be, they need to fix their citadels.

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if your docking access is revoked, undock in a pod and asset safety everything?

If you’re delivering something to Citadel you cannot asset safety a delivery it’s called a gang contract basically what people do is they make fake contract with junk in it set it up for a citadel with some really super high collateral and when you can’t deliver it they get the collateral and you get nothing

Somebody likes the new structures. Over 16000 were deployed in the first year and it’s likely thousands more are in the game now with refineries.

If you don’t like them, you have a choice - there are still NPC stations in Empire space and NPC Nullsec - you can confine your gameplay to them. Elsewhere, you have no choice, all structures are player owned.

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Behavior cannot be changed, but can be discouraged. Setting a 1 week timer to revoke public access is an excellent suggestion. Have a warning dialog to station owner when they set public access:

Public access takes 7 days to revoke, do you wish to continue? [No][Confirm Public Access]

Station owner gets a heads up and scammers have to work around this.

Public access revocation timer should be displayed on the structure as it was “Public” access, the Public needs to know.

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There was rumors floating around a few months back CCP was going to basically make an access hanger from the outside to where you could drop deliveries off I’ve never heard anything more about it though it would save on gang contract

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Not a rumor, it was supposed to be original design when the citadels were in development. Feature didn’t show on launch. It was supposed to be implemented ‘Later’. Well, its more than a year later now.

I like the idea the OP presents. a week long timer before you are shut out of high sec player citadels… +1

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