Structure Docking FEE

Is there any current explanation vhy Structures can not have set fees for neutral players pay 50k-
250k to dock at this citadel or whatever? vvould give Lovv sec strutures some revenu if it is used as a Jump checkpoint.


Because no one would ever go there?


and if there is no choice? not to mention there is a same procress out in null with the outposts in null and people use them all the time even i use them again not true in high sec it you are correct. it would be pointless but alot of things are not about hifh Life including Wormhole space that would be interesting

There’s always a choice if you decide not to be limited by what other people want you to do.

Its nad enough that at any point you could be locked out or stuff locked in and so I dont think NPC stations are going away particularly soon.

After all, what did people do before cits existed.

the vvay i am thinking let’s set you have a Low sec. or even Null sec. you have an Area that gets a decent amount of traffic and you have a freeport citadel people need a place to dock/hide out and you have a 100k docking fee , people do not need to dock but if they want a safe opportunity to l log off or stash Loot, buy ammo etc.etc. it vould give the owner to better finance the fuel costs

don’t wanna pay? that fine stay our in the Cold Dark depths of space lol good luck on your next login

because right now citdels are Great but Taxs are nice and all but they don’t really do much other then a “trade hub” structure

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because if you want to take peoples money you have to do at least one of the following

A) sell them something

B) offer them a service (hiding in your smelly tent does not count as a service)

D) be scary enough that they will just give it to you for not murdering them

E) steal all their shite

this is EVE vve should be able to do whatever the heck vve vvant lol since this is already a game mechanic. already

Without the ability to buy or sell then theres no economy. I think you underestimated the value of that.

Can you fix your W key please :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, I wouldn’t live and work out of a station that threatened to lock me out if I didn’t pay crazy fees.

I still keep my main work stuff in a NPC station. All my Mining and building stuff are in work stations.


I agree with the thread starter.
It should be the possibility to set up a docking charge for nautral or non corp players.
Say for example you set up a keepstar, all the sudden that system would become more crowded by people that want to use it for their supers/titans etc.
So why shouldnt you be able to set a fee for "Hiding in your smelly tent"
it is a service you are offering, so pay up.


would love can you help donate to the cause? lol

so your telling me if the ovvners of the keepstar in Tama. (i think its tamma) decided to put a 50k docking fee people would just ALL of a sudden stop using it? let’s say 400 people use it a day

50,000 x 400 = that’s 20 million isk. let say that it avgs out to about 15 mil a day 15m x 7 days = 105 million isk a week 105 mill x 4 weeks 420 (blaze it lol not intended amount but OK) million a month. that’s more than enough to pay for fuel. THERE IS NOT ANYONE here that can honestly say they can’t afford 50k(50,000) isk. even if you go 4 times in a day 200K! you go complete any anom. and not make that back some of you people make 1-2 billion isk a day really 50k? that is a lot of isk involved. for something sooo small.

thing is though, 400 people wont all dock their supers / titans at the same spot… and if they did that in null… well… they need to enjoy a good rape cage for doing something like that.

even with normal caps npc station access is better since you have more services online and you dont have to worry about some idiot forgetting to fuel the thing so there is no time loss due to inactive services.

no one said supers, 400 people people docking for Any number of reasons… AMMO/safe logging/ afk/ Any Reason for someone just to dock “because” that’s all besides the point 400 people docking and currently using a Station. the income from docking up, i am talking about because people just want to be at your structure, mabe you set tax on services to 0% and you run the structure just from Traffic.

Maybe beyond the docking fee itself a time interval could also be set so ‘X’ amount of ISK for docking rights for ‘Y’ amount of time like 30 mins, 1 hour, 5 hours, 12 hours, 1 day and so on or even a completely flexible system where you can enter an amount of minutes or such instead of choosing from preset values.

It seems more likely theyd destroy it for lulz.

Why would you want to dock in Tama anyway?

you really seem like your not being constructive it is an example…

I really love the fact that people putting up structures in low/null/WH are so space poor that they need docking fees from the occasional nuet passing through.

this has nothing to do with being able to afford to run a citadel directly, only being able to do the same thing the aging nullsec outposts have had for years.