Docking Fees (Suggestion Re-Introduced)

Because this topic was discussed before, I’d like to first give suggestion credit to @Sato_Kixx .

However, I’d like to suggest my version of Docking Fees.

Docking Fees apply only to visitors who are not renting and/or not part of a corp that is renting at the station to be docked in. (this helps promote solo players to join corps). They are, of course, free to members of the station.

Docking Fees begin at a flat rate of 10,000 ISK per dock (for a Medium Station, and 25,000.00 ISK for a large station). But for each security decimal lacked, an extra 1000 ISK (2,500 for Large stations) is added to the docking cost. For those not using the station as much, this is almost negligible, for those using the station a lot, this will add a lot.

Medium Stations.

1.0 System = 10,000.ISK
0.6 System = 14,000.00 ISK

0.2 System = 18,000.00 ISK
-0.5 System if they open to public.: 25,000.00 ISK.

The Dock fee is per-dock, not on size of ship. The convenience is simply, “you can dock here, whatever the reason”.

Docking Fees will be taxed before the majority of the ISK goes to the Master Wallet of the station owners. The tax is based on the CEO’s accounting skill, and the tax % mechanics is equal to that as one would sell an item on the market; the ISK is then received into the MWallet. The Tax deletes the ISK from the game (sink).

Docking Fees will be 0 for members of the Corporation that owns the station. Docking Fees will also be 0 for members of an alliance in which the station owner is part of the alliance, and the visitor is part of the same alliance. Docking Fees will also be 0 for anyone part of a corp that is renting an office at the corp station.

This will justify raising rent prices higher to help with fuel costs and breaking even for placing the station. They will pay one way, or another, pay the docking fee, or rent an office.

Players cannot set the docking fee, that is simply the mechanic of the station, and the point multipliers are based on the security of the system.

This helps with fuel-costs and makes station owning worth while, and increase the demand for stations, and promote more construction of buildings, lowering the prices of stations; this will be balanced out by having more stations to blow up in the future during wars, to then raise the price of structures.

Basically, overall player activity will increase.

The docking price is cheap for infrequent visits, but over-time if doing things too frequently, costly.

For the sake of simplicity and not flooding the accounting books, in the like fashion of how bounties allocate isk from pirate kills, then pays them in bulk to the player’s wallet; so also is it that the dock fees paid for, will be allocated, and then paid in bulk so that the records have less logged entries rather than too many.

And finally, before anyone pays for the docking fee, the prompt will say, “this is your first time docking at this station”, and/or “this station is charging for dock, accept charge for payment?” and they can say yes or no, and to remove the prompt, there is a check box “do not ask me again”.

Now, in the services tab of a station when looking at system, there is a check box also, “auto-pay docking fee per dock, if applicable”, if that is unchecked, the prompt will show up per dock, if checked, it will not show up. And checked or not, the fee will not apply according to the conditions stated above.

Docking fees create more incentives to be more active in the game to make ISK, and to join corporations to gain benefits of not having a dock-fee, whether owning the station, or renting.

In the end, station owners have an easier time with sustaining the station, financially.

This will, at first, grieve solo-players, but in Eve there should be a cost to everything, even playing alone.

You agree to PvP every time you undock, You agree to pay every time you Dock, if applicable.

The convenience of their location, for your profit, should be recompensed some way or another. I have rented offices that are very, very low; but would not mind paying higher, because when I anchor my stations, I would want to have some good ISK for the convenience. (I put myself in their shoes first).

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lol no.

A docking fee is an incentive in the same way going to jail is an incentive for committing a felony.

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CCP has their own dystopian vision of what Eve should be, ie a very amoral population that accepts violent people in their midst without consequences. The primitive impulse for self preservation is overridden by game mechanics.

Real world ports and air ports have fees associated with their use. ( Even a private boat dock required a fee for a permit, and annual property tax includes a value for this ‘improvement’.) Therefore docking fees have a real world basis in fact and excluding them is a design decision.

To believe that large NPC stations with thousands of residents and visitors have no semblance of preservation seems unlikely. In the old West when a known outlaw came into town, the sheriff was sure to keep an eye on them. Why wouldn’t a space station not take steps to ensure peace and tranquility.

Docking fees as a means to regulate who comes to your station is a valid response.

A poor security status should be a detriment to docking, increasing the fee. A high security status reduces the fee.

Killboard stats should be realigned to PvP [against armed ships] and Piracy [against unarmed ships] {Pirates can take pride in their craft}. Blackbeard had a couple places to go, but not any port that had some nations defense in place.

Your standing with the NPC corporation scales the fee, like reprocessing fees, eventual reducing to 0. In a companion effect, killing a ship in Hi sec or low sec when not at war, reduces the attackers NPC standings say .1 for every 1.0 of the victims standing. [.05 for low sec] {NPC THINKING; there is a cost for blowing up my friends.] Gank me and take a hit on 69 NPC corporations :grinning:

Player corporations with an office in a station get a 75% discount based on the corporation NPC faction standings and average of members security status.

Faction standing has been removed from most aspects of the game ( remember standings requirements for the old player owned stations, or the ability to install a jump clone? ). Increasing the risks for ganking might bring it more in line with other activities.

Interacting with NPC corporations should have benefits and penalties.

For Player Owned Citadels, a docking fee is cost on doing business in a solar system that has an Empire as it’s owner.

Docking fees for NPC stations that can be wavered by Mission Agents standings towards that Pilot.

Part of the fee charged to the Pilot turns into a income stream for the Player Corp they represent.
This same fee can go into negative balance resulting in unable to dock or undock until paid.
Pilots assets are tossed out into space for unpaid docking fees.

Over my dead body.


The crack pot stuff peeps come out with honestly surprises me. Who in the right mind would want docking fees.


I call for @Brisc_Rubal to resign from CSM

His response to this thread is another example where is just a prat!

Over his dead body.

So you disagree, you don’t say why - you just think your important self inflated ego and view point is better than others.

Mate, just clear off you and your type in this game are the definition of toxicity and are only harming the game.

Resign from the CSM - your a joke

He probably never gave a reason because its such a ridiculous idea. I would not waste my time giving it a reason.

Also the term “over my dead body” thats not toxic, your just woke. “The oh im offended group” mehhh


Unlike fantasy games with ‘Magic’ and ‘Fantastic Creatures’ the world of Eve represents an evolved human race. Real world examples from today that have no parallel in the Eve universe are a design decision. As a designed feature I feel it is up to CCP to explain why not. Not my burden to justify why.

The mining changes were instituted not based on expected distribution of a real universe, but for the sake of game mechanics and economics.

In the real world high tech is manufactured in places where security and stability are greatest. Warships are produced in stable countries, not a minor nation that has had 3 military coups in a year.

Going all the way back to the blueprint scandal, many perceive that CCP is biased towards the big corps and alliances and create or modify game mechanics to their benefit. Before we had scarcity we had 1 player with 9 alts mining all day in Rorquals in null raking in Billions. By acceding to requests by these groups forced the need for scarcity.

Personally I would prefer a dynamic world based on real world examples. Instead of mechanics that favor groups or styles, in a reality based game the players are free to pursue their preferred MMO life.



A little slap of real world economics to the game. Annnd rent by the m3 amount in NPC stations.

For those of us with Billions of isk worth of junk laying around in stations there would certainly be some incentive to undock with that stuff out there in play.

Oohhh the the screaming of the returning player who owes a lot of back rent. :crazy_face:

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Actually it would be a very good idea to move to phase 3 of reducing the assets held for a rainy day. It would also make sence to focus on the large Alliances where Capsuleers assets would become safer than NPC stations. It really needs to change, out with the old in with the new for a refreshing and harsh feeling.

Im all for abolishing asset safely in null. Then peeps or corps cant stock pile massive assets. Because if there is an attack on the station you would ether have to use those assests or lose them, but null would need a large buff to the income of sites etc.

Well, your response was a thousand times worse!

He only said “over his dead body” which is a phrase that is used to emphasize that one opposes something and would do anything to prevent it from happening.

That’s all, Brisc is fine.


I think CCP has more important things to do.

This fee stuff adds no content to the game… NO CONTENT.
Who wll come to EVE saying “well, look how awesome game this game is, there’s docking fees”, literally no one, no offense.

If you you are a station owner you can charge people montlhy to be in your docking list, it is up to you, the tools are there. You can add the information about this in the structure’s description and manage the thing with access lists.

Even if the entire community wanted a docking fee for player stations, it would be nonsense adding that to NPC stations.

There should be a fee every time anybody logs into the game.

you pay the fee whether you log in or not.

that $5/Є4.99/£5/Øre7.99/¥500/ISK600000000 upcharge to the monthly subscription cost is very real, and you pay both.

CCP introduced an incentive for pilots to remain in space: the new docking sound and visual alert.

If you want to outlaw solo play I have a better idea: Force everyone into a corporation and force corporations to accept players from NPC corporations.
Also, docking fees is the most ridiculous idea I’ve read in sci-fi.

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