Devblog: Navigation Structures Inbound!

Winter is coming, and it’s time for more content!

Check out this devblog for more information from the EVE Dev Team about the new navigation structures coming with the winter expansion for EVE Online!

Read all about it here!



Time for ham and eggs :sunglasses:

You miss the most important FOB structure!

I’m looking forward to the Sean Bean death scene animation sequence.

  • They can be deployed closer to other Upwell structures, with the first batch sporting minimum ranges of 150km and 200km to the nearest standard Upwell structure

This makes sense if you read it closely but will likely be misunderstood.

with the first batch sporting a minimum anchor range of no closer then 150km and 200km to the nearest standard Upwell structure

Would read easier.


It’s already here :frowning: stupid snow… coming down with a vengeance right now. My back aches.


The Cyno Beacon and Jump Gate must be at least 200km from the nearest Upwell structure

Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on a useless structure that nobody will use. A cyno beacon 200km off the structure? With no tether? What?

Why in the name of bob would I use this when I can just light a cyno right on a citadel with an alt, and dock up?


Glad to see some concrete information on this stuff! (I don’t completely trust stuff that’s datamined from Sisi builds, anyways.)

A question:

Is this contingent on the pilot in question being on a structure’s ACL, or are all JB connections public to anyone in New Eden?

All connections will now be public and you’ll additionally be able to see which you currently have access to use.

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Looks good cannot wait to shoot some structures with fleets!

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Looks good, can’t wait to doomsday some fleets that decide to camp the jump bridges.

Good analogy there, because just like Winter in GOT, these structures will kill so much content and destruction in EVE. Well done.


I do like the jump gates… the freedom for caps to move (but not supercaps) dramatically reduces the effectiveness of defensive super umbrellas.

A proper network of these, and a dread bomb can easily move across NE to counter-drop a super fleet. Ofc… that’s gonna take a huge amount of LO lol.

~20k LO per capital, or ~7800m3 of cargo space per jump.


How so?

Have fun camping such a structure on a citadel grid.

Easy… shoot the citadel first.

A Keepstar or Fortizar? If you just want to camp the system and cause mayhem? Like you currently can do on JB… Good idea … if the citadel could not use its modules when it went into RF.

How is this a reduction in content? No one currently camps Jump Bridges, today. Are you saying that a negative amount of content will occur due to the change? Are we heading into a realm of theoretical content vacuum?


I’m camping jump bridges. :man_shrugging: Or rather a very specific one, to be precise.

Are you implying that none of those ever die? Because they do.

Parking a boson titan or five on the jumpgate while the rest of your fleet engages the citadel is an excellent bait for a boson. Response fleet either takes their chances on the gate, or is denied access to it, while you destroy their structure. They’re then forced to use currently existing methods of travel (cynos, titan bridges, gates).