The new Upwell structures

First I have to say they look sooo very cool OMG, I may be accidentally and involuntary dissembled watching those some day…

Anyhow, here are some point of critiscm but nothing that can’t be fixed before the release:

  • Except for the Ansiplex jump gate, none of the structures “say” in the attributes tab which fuel they need, only the amount of something, so it would be awesome if the “attributes” tab on the structure info could have a row with the fuel type requirement

  • If I hadn’t tried it, I would not have know that you have to mount the structure after putting fuel in to online the module to have the structure run at full power

  • It would be awesome if we could change the destination of the ansiplex gate after it has been deployed, so you can put it on another “friendly” gate that has been placed after yours

  • The cyno jammer still needs to jam incoming cynos, they don’t always do currently

  • It makes no sense to be able to deploy both the cyno jammer and beacon in the same system even though only one of them can be active at the same time

Question, how does the cyno beacon work and wouldn’t the cyno beacon be redundant with the ansiplex gate?

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The cyno beacon acts like a 24/7 cyno and can only be used by jump capable ships assuming they have access (via the Access Lists). The Jump Bridge acts more like a gate, which allows all ships to use assuming they have access. The generator and jammer are controlled by the IHUB upgrades being turned on and off.

The current system that is on Tranquility once you online a jammer, it automatically turns off the generator in system. I’m not sure if they act similar on sisi. Hope that helps answer some of your questions.

Oh cheers, dear!

I had some idea on how the gate would work because you get a list of possible jump targets before you can deploy it but the cyno beacon was a mystery.

Thanks for clearing that up.

@elitatwo- Are you looking at this page:

Or is there another blog or source for the info on these? My Google-fu is failing me and I’ve not seen many links for presentations from EVE Vegas, so I’m curious to learn more about these.

Does anybody know if there was any additional info on the previously mentioned small structures at any point in the event?

They have a video of the announcement from EveVegas on their Twitch account. The link to it is here:

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I did see the updates page and the EVE Vegas stream but it still wasn’t very clear which fuel they are using except for the gate, which has the fuel listed on the attributes tab.

I made an educated guess and put fuel blocks in and it worked but if I hadn’t put fuel blocks into the gate, I would have forever wondered how that gate is working even with liquid ozone inside.

No worries- I hadn’t found anything so far on this, so I was just curious what you had come across.

Thank you for your feedback! I included a link to this forum thread in the internal task for writing the show info window description.


You are welcome! I love trying out new stuff if I can and filing bug reports if I find something that doesn’t seem right.

that is not fair,
Market is not seeded

Also not seeing the distance the new structures needs to be before they can be anchored off another structure in the attributes window.

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Anchoring time not mentioned in attributes either.

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Also not seeing in attributes window the fact they can’t be anchored in empire or wormhole space. Usually it says something like Anchoring in null =true or something of that nature. Also doesn’t say anything about the IHUB upgrade that has to be onlined for them to work.

My guess is that this isn’t final yet. I will keep looking at hoboleaks this week.

I’m posting here to let them know what they are missing because it’s linked directly to the devs.

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Yes it is and I appreciate your contributions. I don’t want to discourage you.

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Dropped a jammer and waited for it to fully online. Then I ejected from it to unanchor it and it had no options in the right-click dropdown menu to offline or unanchor it.

@Nikki_Canby -

To Unanchor it you’ll have to go into your Structure Browser and find it (Via Neocom Menu > Buisiness > Structure Browser)
In there, Check “My Structures” and the Click on which Access Lists it is under, should see it/them in there.

Once find it - Right Click the one you want from inside your structure list and click “Decommission”. After 45 minutes it’ll finish countdown, Unanchor and be able to be scooped / re setup.

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