Starbases and Structures and Adding Faction Structures - 2.0

Remove the starbases and bring them back as deployable structures.
Starbases are old and so is the code. Removal of the old system will be needed, but I don’t see a need to obliterate it from the game. Why? while the game is super old and these POS still have its spot in the game. They can be deployed super fast and a single player or smaller group can enjoy them still if allowed. Also when bringing them back they should not have anything to do with sovereignty structures. I like the fact you have so many options you can put inside and outside of POS is awesome.

List of what should remain of these modules
Assembly Arrays, Corporate Hanger Arrays, Cyno Generator Array (Low Sec Only), Cynosural Jammer Generator Array (Low Sec Only), Jump Bridge, Laboratory, Personal Hanger Arrays, Reactors, Shield Hardening Arrys, Ship Maintenace Arrays, Silos, Weapons Batteries.

** Cynosural Jammer Generator Array (Low Sec Only) should replace the system jammer array. The new array only jams an area of 500km not allowing hot drop right on top of the POS. Will require fuel per hour to run.
** Cyno Generator Array (Low Sec Only) should require fuel to jump too.
** Jump Bridge will be allowed to be used anywhere. But with changes of light years to 1 light years. We also would like to see them require fuel to jump.
** Towers themselves should see changes in fuel costs and CPU needs.

UpWell Structures - Changes?
What we really need is some love for the defenses on the medium structures. Players don’t even bother putting them on anymore because they are so easy to remove from the game. We should allow adding way more weapons to them and not adding more hitpoints to them the days of grinding strut has come and gone.

** One weapon I’m in favor of for EWAR is hitting a single target with a module that would turn the ship offline and you can not remote assets or get remote assets by any means for X amount of time. Forget putting remote repairs on it. :slight_smile:

** More ideas will be added at a later time **

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