Countdown to Starbase obsolescence

(Chaz Sievek) #1

Making quite a bit of ISK manufacturing in high sec with a starbase. When are these facility bonuses going away?

(Cain Brockman) #2

Starting next months Patch I think it is. Though the POS may not be going away themselves till next year sometime. We’ve not heard when the last of the POS functions will be replaced though the 11/2017 patch should spell the doom of most POS.

(Do Little) #3

“Then in our August release we will remove the bonuses from Reprocessing Arrays, Assembly Arrays, and Starbase Labs.”

(SGT MAC44) #4

I have been out of the loop for a while. Have they said anything about their ideas for replacements of cyno beacons, jump bridges, and system wide cyno jammers?

(Zanar Skwigelf) #5

Not yet. those are probably next.

(Do Little) #6

Next structures after refineries are expected to be player built stargates. according to the original (2 years ago) devblog:

“Service module possibilities: Being able to affect warp speed in a solar system (positively or negatively), affect jump capabilities for capitals, alter ship movement inside a solar system, allow vessels to travel to other solar systems and modify wormhole spawning behavior.”

Details have no doubt changed but they will take over most if not all remaining POS functionality.

(Sir BloodArgon Aulmais) #7

They still have to match up some small features like cyno inhibitors/generators, and they talked about possibly detecting cloaked ships with the new infrastructure.

All that has to come first before we get stargates. I imagine that’ll be the last thing we get in the scope of this roadmap.