Play Owned Starbase (POS) removal from EvE?

Hi Space Nerds,

When are we losing player owned starbases?

(Anyone who tell me to google it gets slapped with the wet-est fish you have ever seen. Do you not think I’ve tried?)

November 6th, 2018.

CCP hasn’t released the date, so soon™


oddly specific…

Soon…ish. I would say after they release stargates.

Not until all POS/starbase functions are replaced: jump bridges (stargates), system cyno jammers. I think we have at least another full year to look forward to.

Love your optimism, but :rofl: do you really think this is going to happen?


Well, alternatively POSes aren’t deleted ever, but retain zero functions after CCP disables the last 1-2 things they can still do. :laughing:

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Oh they can / will get rid of POS I don’t doubt that.

My scepticism is about player built stargates, if they introduce “stargates” as being nothing more than jump bridge replacements then its a failure.

When we (the players) see “player built stargates” we are imagining and expecting new space. Frankly I don’t believe CCP has the technical capability to bring us another Apocrypha (which btw is probably the single best expansion Eve has ever had).

POS retirement = yes
Player built stargate = no

A jump bridge is a stargate connecting two systems owned by the same sovereign alliance. A new structure to replace this functionality will be introduced - probably next year and that will allow CCP to remove POS and the associated legacy code from the game. The other missing functionality is easily provided using service modules.

Whether CCP intends to disassociate jump bridges from sovereignty allowing player built stargates anyone can use is doubtful. I’m also not expecting gates to “new space” anytime soon - you need a gate at both ends so you need some way to get to the new space in order to build it. Which came first - chicken or egg?! It’s also questionable if we need new space given that most of the space we currently have is empty.

First they create the 3D model, and hook it up to new code. After that, where the gate goes could be left to a service module. So “jump bridge” in v1.0, then some year or five later, after they make a new map for the new cluster and decide what goes in those systems and make a huge array of new modules and ships we’ll all want, that we’ll need to go to the new place to find building materials… new gate tech will be built by that point, just need a new service module with an enormous fuel cost, to enable “Apocrypha 2.0”

But (agreeing with Do Little) is “more space” really an answer for EVE woes, spreading an “eve is dying” (for people who subscribe to that hashtag) player-base even thinner across more systems?

Or, do you think a big advertising campaign about “be the first to name a new, undiscovered star system” will bring a ton of new players in? Large groups will figure out ways to rent these discoveries, gate control will be critical.


Please no, the last thing I want to see are systems called “Shiny Rainbow Unicorn” and the like.

In regards to POSes, a while back I couldn’t wait for their removal, as MTUs were classed as “Structures” along with them, which meant I often had to wade through hundreds of POS signatures to scan down that juicy MTU I saw on D-Scan. They have since changed the classification of MTUs to “Deployable Structures” so it is a lot easier now.

Now I find myself wanting POSes to stay around a little bit longer, as they are fun to shoot.

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Should be Adding to the option of POSes with these other structures NOT REPLACING


You do understand why POS’ are being replaced?

a lot longer

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Hi-Sec it littered with towers of corps bagging moons to mine…

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