Player built stargates?

Are these ever going to be introduced or is this yet another pipe dream?


It was mentioned in a roadmap a while ago, but it is something thats waaaaaaaaaaaaay further down the line.

IMO because the remaining POS parity items are cyno, cynojammer, and jump bridge (movement) related that you may see the next structure be some kind of medium or large “stargate” structure that offers those features leaving an XL version for future “new space” as hinted at in that long ago roadmap.

Because space isn’t empty enough already :wink:


Yeah. It all sounded cool on the roadmap but I tend to agree. Less is more.


Well, at the current pace of development, you might expect them around 2019.

CCP still has to develop and release research centers, observatories and propaganda centers, which at a pace of 1 structure type each 6 months it’s gonna keep them busy until 2019. That without assuming potential iterations and rebalancing of already released structures subject to user stress.

Also, the gates are supposed to be linked to some new space (if it sounds old, it’s because IT IS old: these plans are from 2013), although the current purpose or usability of that new space is moot. In a way, all structures are supposed to be part of the necessary infrastructure to colonize the new space, but the very core of the concept, space colonization, hasn’t been reviewed.

And IMO it was a bad idea to begin with; Rubicon marks the beginning of the ongoing decline in PCU and very likely subcriptions, which is not something you would expect if the addition of more structures to shoot at and “controling space” was something the players longed for.

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My money is on APD™

The problem is that the BPOS for the player Stargate were behind the door in CQ…




Thanks for the replies.

I’m going to take from these answers that player built stargates will never be introduced, like alot of the supposed content that never appears.

I find this very deceitful tbh. Other mmo’s i’ve played introduce the content that they say they will.

Do trading standards not apply to gaming companies or something or is it buried in the EULA that they can essentially be dishonest whenever they like?

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the ONLY remaining feature left on POS are the JB, Cyno jammers and beacons. and corp/personal hangers. …

  1. CCP is force stopping all jobs on POS come 10/24.
  2. CCP is not even offering time to research and seed the new BPO’s… which will need to happen
  3. The roadmap we’ve been on has actually bounced around and not in a direct main chronological order… which is normal… if things worked out correctly then we would have been at the stargate phase by june 2017… obviously they slowed down cause ccp cant ever release something without bugs or problems or they break what the find to fix… or break something that didn’t need fixing… its ccp for pete’s sake…can they ever deploy a patch release with ZERO problems… nevah!..

there’s still more structures to go… we’re not even half way done yet on the “citadel infrastructure” … a huge bit has been completed… but we still have stargates and observatory structure to come as well as which I suspect is the True Centerpiece of their design for Sov holders… its like Rubicon… there’s no turning back… unless the patch really does destroy New Eden and sends it into world chaos…i think as record CCP has only rolled back a patch maybe like twice in 13+ years… so grab some popcorn… its going to be a bumpy ride.


As far as someone like trading standards is concerned if you’re subbed you’re receiving the service that you’re paying for, that service being access to the server and omega access to the current client version; expansions, events, new toys etc are essentially free extras to the end user.

With reference to the topic, IIRC player owned stargates were at the tail end of a five year development plan announced about 4 years ago, if they hit at the end of 2019 as has been suggested that’s a 20% overrun, which isn’t actually that bad.

at the rate citadels have been getting release, and with there only really being 2 major features of PoS’ that have yet to be replaced, I would assume we will be seeing stargates in the next year-2 years.

all that is left is cyno jammers/beacons (likely to be rolled into the observation array, on top of whatever else the array ends up doing. they might end up making that the research station as well. since research/observation are loosely related, and I can’t see much of a need for a line of stations JUST for cyno beacon/jam or JUST for research.)

I know that back in the day they had said they would like the stargates to be tied into opening up new areas of space. but if I remember that was something they would “like” to do, and that was 4+ years ago now. I think at this point it would make more sense to just push out the last of the citadels to finally get rid of PoS’ and then tie the stargates into new space at a later date.

so in short, fingers crossed we will see them within 2 years.

Eventually. It’ll make it into the game some time between all POSes going offline and server shutdown.

Stargates? Proper expansions? I think we all know what players really want is more skins tbh

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Player build stargate will only be there to replace the jump bridges with a fiting features, don’t expect much from it.

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We are on a 10 year roadmap for EVE, and thus far we have got nearly half way there. Be patient, gates will come soon, Id rather they do them right the first time than bum-rush it and it be crap. Player Built Stargates will be near the end of this second decade plan sooo stick around and enjoy the stuff that comes prior to them.

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Haha, seriously. If they ever add something like this it will be a citadelisch replacement for jump bridges.

I don’t think they still have the people to create another apocrypha like expansion with new space and new game mechanics.


Quoted for truth.


Unfortunately more evident every release/expansion.