Upwell Cyno Jammer Thoughts


So some thoughts. Obviously it’s SiSi and things change. But… I have to wonder if allowing cyno jammers to be in citadel gun range is too much?

I mean… staging system in a pipe or dead-end, throw your cyno jammer on a keepstar. You’d have to try to lose it.

Capital fleet for which you cycled your jammer is sitting on the bubbled-as-■■■■ in-gate, keepstar and subcap fleet defending the jammer. Add a dozen carriers on the keepstar grid to assure superiority over a sub fleet.

It’s impossible to think of a subcap fleet that can beat a combined subcap, and cap fleet, along with a keepstar raining DDs and voidbombs on them.

Meanwhile, hostile caps that are forced to gate in if they’re going to participate at all, are right in the killbox. Boson titans will murder anything smaller than a super, and XL guns will finish off the rest.

Your staging system becomes virtually unassailable, unless you managed to literally sneak your cap fleet in before they can respond (good luck, spies are everywhere).

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You can always gate in. Theres nothing preventing you from taking gates.

I think CCP just saw how many titans were being used in fights and just wanted to see if they could balance the fights away from just bringing n+1 supercaps.

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You mean apart from your survival instinct… right? Or do you mean to tell me that you can get through 100km of bubbles while a supercap fleet is melting your ships, as traffic control trickles them in?

As a point of fact, that was a fight that not even the Goons wanted to take against the north. They stood down because they would have fed their entire super fleet. Which some of you may be saying “good” to… but anything that allows a force to dig in THAT much is excessive.

I do like the idea of strategic space control. I do like the idea of forcing fights to come in through gates. I don’t think that they should be within the gun range of a citadel however… it just makes them too easy to defend when coupled with reinforcement timers (which they do need because you can’t rep them).

It is a retarded idea

Yeah, cause we never field a subcap fleet with our supers. Its not like the bubbles can be destroyed, or have timers.

Are you talking about a specific battle, or the war as a whole?

So long as there isnt a defense timer on these things, im fine with the jammers.

A specific battle. Near the start, goon subcap fleets went and incapped all the cyno jammers. They thought they were good to go.

They didn’t know that we could just anchor another one… which we did. They had exactly one way that they could come if they wanted to fight (there was a timer so they couldn’t go the long way around via jump drive). Plus all the systems were re-jammed except for the one we wanted them to come in through.

We had our everything on the gate ready to meet them, and they very smartly said nope. I was disappointed but I can’t fault them for it, they would have lost hard.

They’re upwell structures. They have armor timers, the jammer is a fueled service which will ofc be on until you incap the armor timer. They have DPS caps. Even something that only takes 2 minutes to incap on a keepstar grid, you’ll do nothing but feed subcaps to because they won’t be able to hold grid long enough to even keep it paused.

Are you talking about cyno jammers, or mobile cyno inhibs?

Has this been confirmed that they will have armor timers?

System-wide cyno jammers.

It’s somewhere in the CSM minutes, but as mentioned in the OP we’re still in SiSi; a lot can change. I’m not at all against reinforcement timers, but it needs to be a fight that subcaps can win. Adding citadels (a CCP-described force multiplier) to the defending side when they also have the option of staging their caps on a whim feels… unbalanced. The timer just encourages a fight, so that’s a good thing.

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