What is the max range a player can target

It seams like it can be very far away as 1,000 km away as this kill mail shows though that was a while back i still would like to know

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This might be of use to you :slight_smile:

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IIRC ships can target up to 300km, structures can target up to 350km, carriers can target up to “■■■■ you if you can see the carrier on your overview you’re in targeting range.”


Killmails don’t show the distance the enemy was from you, why do you think it does?


So far that I have seen, 60km and that’s already far enough. What’s the point of being able to target 1000km away when the range of your weapons doesn’t reach 20 or 30km?

Some people fit a target painter and activate it at 100km away so they can whore on a killmail. :rofl:

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How desperate are some of these capsuleers… Shameless wh-

sorry meant that I rember how far away that person was at a station and I was at a gate and the station was 1000 km away

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