Targeting range fighters

New to carriers question : Fighter targeting range is by default 60km for fe Firblog 1 .

How do you increase this, what skills/mods affect this? For drones this was easy to find, but for fighters info is rathers scarse on this topic. Thanks for your replies

Why would you want to increase the lock range? The Firbolg fighter is effective around 10km or less it shouldn’t need extra lock range.

while we are at it, what affects drone lock range on regular drones because as far as I’m aware nothing changes that. Heck they don’t even seem to have a targeting range stat.

I assume you are talking about drone control range, in which case I suggest you go play around with a carrier on the test server.

…and let’s just skip the 5000km fighter control range part while we are at it.

Thanks for the answers.

I’m asking about the effective attack range, ie : Fighter accepts command to engage target within 60km range not 61km. However, every youtube video after carrier nerf has carriers attacking targets well over 80km, with T1 light fighters. Seems I’m missing something. Not asking to increase the control range mechanism as is, just trying to understand how it works. Thanks.

The effective control range is your targeting lock range.

Ok thanks for the info.

It may help you to know that if you have your fighters selected you can hold W and click on something to have them orbit it. You can also use Q to command your fighters to fly somewhere. So if you’re too far away to activate guns you can direct them in other ways, however, I’ve never had this problem. When I press f1, if they’re too far away they just fly to whatever I activated their guns on, and then sometimes I’ll have to reactivate the guns when they get close, but they still fly to the target. I honestly didn’t know they had a limit on targeting range.

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