Carrier rebalance operation

ok, after testing out carrier, trying all sorts of mechanics, i found carrier to be fun.

there is just one thing that i think should be change/improve on carrier. you can command fighters to approach, orbit, or do anything on grid as any ship, except warp to…

as a carrier operation, they are supposed to stay out of harm way and send in their fighters. fighting at 500km+ they need the abilities to control their fighters to warp to distance and join the fights.

this changes will bring a new and interesting gameplay to carrier pvp. they will need to find a distance spot on grid to be safer and enemy need to scan them down and jump at them. in large group pvp, the dynamics of this changes will make use of 1000-2000km of grid range mass battle instead of everyone in 1 mass blob and the bigger blob wins.

let’s discuss about this.
just my 2cents.

mhh? they warping allready automaticaly if the target so far away…The fighters can not warp to empty space, that’s right, but why should they?

PS my max targeting range with Hel is allready 5.937.500 m

There’s simply no reason to be widely dispersed in PvP, or there’s a lot to be said against it. And scanned you are with an attempt at the size of the capital.

so there’s nothing to discuss.

what are you talking about? fighter auto warp to attack target too far away?
how far you need to be to do that?

i already tried with 500km range and they just slow boat to it still.

I have never seen the fighters warp to a far away target. What are you saying?

NOPE. Not going to happen. That’s the way they are designed, and there’s no way they will change that.

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