Reconnect to lost fighters

It’s probably been suggested a 1000% times before but a button to reconnect to lost fighters would be nice.

I’ve had a few disconnects recently and slow boating to scoop them is just plain annoying. They should work like drones.


Yeah, it is ridiculous this isn’t a thing.

CCP will no doubt complain it’s some legacy issue but as fighters had an overhaul recently it should be doable.


+1 :slight_smile:

Just happened to me today -_-

While we’re at it, PLEASE let fighters warp back to you if they choose to be the dumbest navigators since Columbus.

Having to warp off grid and recall because the fighters decided to land 1000km away is just a serious pain for a mechanic that isn’t very clear. Or at least make them land within a proper distance the first time.

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Recalling them when i landed works for me. Recall your fighters when you are not in warp anymore.

All in all I hadn’t ever really thought about this, but this is a fantastic addendum.

Fighters are all equipped with warp drives. There is no reason at all that they should not be able to warp at-will (and by at-will I mean when directed by the player).

For example, with fighters selected you can approach and orbit things. Why not add the warp hotkey to their repertoire, with the same limitations that a player warp would have?

From my understanding you can reconnect to Fighter Drones same way as you can with regular drones; that being Right-click Capacitor HUD > Reconnect to “Lost Drones”. Secondly, I also believe that Fighter drones will follow warp back to you if you leave, this ofc will take time for them to get back to your (Super)Carrier. However I’m not 100% sure of this :blush:

Reconnect to lost drones command does not work.

guys… no

I know you just want this for a QOL but it actually makes carriers OP in particular situations. we thought we would be cleaver when they first came out and found a way to get some cheap kills but it seems CCP had already thought of it and disabled this.

You think people are going to abandon squadrons?

This seems a very poor argument.

You are worried that a carrier pilot will abandon their fighters, wait cloaked somewhere 1000km away, then reconnect and engage players who come to shoot their abandoned fighters?

Legitimately asking, I don’t really see any merit to the concern which means I likely misunderstood.

I really hope it was just an oversight and they plan to add a reconnect function. Another small thing I think would be amazing would to be able to have the fighters warp to a given destination, within grid or to self, but I can see that changing PVP significantly and possibly in a bad way…

It was something you could do when first added on sisi so it got deliberately removed.


No simply doing that just about anything would get away before your done recalibrating

yeah, doesn’t work like drones :frowning:

If you’ve not lost them and warp off, presuming you don’t dock, jump or disconnect, they’ll land next to you presuming you’ve stopped warp (otherwise they end up like 9000km from you)

So, what other situations would it make a carrier OP?

launch fighters - salvo - abandon - launch fighters - salvo - recall - reconnect ect

Surely that’s easy enough to get around. If you recall/reconnect, then that squad has to return to refuel before any other actions can be taken. It’s be like the equivalent of doing a forced recall drones.

Fighters aren’t drones, there are people in them. We could make them like “Did you just abandon us? Well, screw you too!” then they warp off grid and despawn.