Carrier change? Fighters not following anymore when carrier is warping away?


Someone told me about a change that the fighters are not following anymore when a carrier is warping away.
Is this true? I cannot find the point in the patch notes. When this is true the ticks in carrier ratting will go down because you have to wait for the fighters.
In dangerous situations you have to leave the fighters and warp to security. This will lead to a loss of the fighters in many cases.

So, ist this really true?

You can warp away and leave your fighters behind. And at any time you can recall your fighters.

So you can warp off, land at a new spot, recall your fighters and they will warp to your new location.

This was the past. Are you shure that this is still working? They said that this is not possible after the latest patch (yesterday?).

No idea, it worked the way I described last time I was in a carrier, which was a month ago on the test server.

I suggest testing this for yourself before posting it - otherwise it is just rumor mongering.

Don’t want to risk your ship in TQ? Test on Sisi.

The fact that you have to ask if this is true leads me to believe it’s not. If it was true, and CCP snuck it in, I would have expected to see a lot more rage and rabble rabble rabble on the forms about it.

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