Fighters taking seven minutes to return to carrier after landing on grid

I’ve ratted in a carrier for a while now and sometimes I leave fighters out going to the next anomaly.
They normally take less than a minute to return to the ship after coming out of warp following me.
I’ve asked my corp mates and my Alliance - nobody has ever heard of fighters taking seven minutes to return to the carrier.
Has this ever happened to others because the GM’s are telling me it’s completely normal - but everyone else has said that there is something wrong.

IIRC there was an issue (not an issue but more like a feature) that if you recover fighters while in warp then your fighters will wait until you land on the grid. Then these fighters will warp to the point where you entered grid and then will slowboat several thousand km to you in normal space. I take your corp mates recover fighters when they land on the grid so fighters warp directly to them, not to some distant point of the grid.

Thank you for the reply, I can only assume that I normally do exactly as you described (in that order) and this particular time I did it back wards :frowning:

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