Fighters aggressive rebalance

Fighters have to have aggressive timer like a ship after attack pilot or another type of assets. That timer hasn’t to permit dock fighters into tube until time is over. Although is good way to don’t permit dock into tube while fighters scrambled.

yeah… because fighters and carries aren’t underpowered enough. particularly in smaller numbers the only situation this will actually have a major effect.

i mean (and yes i know this takes the smallest amount of piloting and strategy but hear me out) you can engage the carrier at range and then scram+web the fighters. Trust me, i know this sounds crazy but it does work if you were taken by surprise or simply couldn’t be bothered to bring a griffin and totally shut a carrier down with no effort

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First question, why? Fighters are already stupid-easy to kill. When they get recalled, they take a pretty meaningful amount of time to refuel before you can even think about swapping or re-launching them.

There’s literally no reason for this.


If you will stay near by carrier they can launch and alpha your ship and scope back before you lock the target.

So don’t?

Fighters are meant to reload. It would just be silly if they have to wait a minute before they can even start reloading. It’s just adding timers on top of timers.

Maybe scramming? But i don’t play with caps.

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well you have to be pretty dumb to be sitting right on top of the carrier

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