Superheavy fighter. launch only 1, damage only cap+ size

idea is simple. add to supercarrier new type of fighters, that takes 3 tube at once, but count like only 1 object in space. this will greatly improve server perfomance. the lore will be - like them can fly only like a big swarm. so they syncronizing they weapons only when they near. weapon will damage only cap size vessels. bad tracking, big signature etc. and do like 120-150% damage in comparsion whats going on now. of course 4 damage type, t1 t2 etc. with the price of …like…excavator.

instead of this, why not give heavies 3x the ehp and dps , and 60% resistance to ewar but they take up 3 fighter tubes?

my main goal - to defeat time delay. other is cool, but not necessary

If you can only launch one ship, just fly that ship :slight_smile:

Problem Solved!

Or better yet, no fighters at all. Just fire a single beam. All capitals just fire a single beam at each other.

“no ighters at all” will affects too many things in eve, 1 new fighter no so critical change

I dont see a difference between no fighters and condensing to a single fighter.

We already have doomsday weapons, so it would just be a matter of 1 new doomsday module.

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