Faction Warfare gate invulnerability timer

Say I take a faction warfare gate on a novice outpost. When I land at the other end of the warp, am I lockable right away or is there a delay?
Twice I was sitting in an outpost and someone warped to me but I couldn’t start locking them until they were already almost 10km off.

You can lock people the instant they are out of warp, some people are just very good at getting a mwd cycle off and clicking in a direction the instant they are out of warp.

As you land from warp you are invulnarable until you make any type of movement or I think its 30 seconds of waiting. As they make any type of move they become lockable.

Use cntl + drag a square over them repeatedly its much faster, also double click in the direction they are going and activate prop mod to give you less distance from them by the time they are locked.

If you stand still and spam lock you will only lock them when they are further out. Also 1 sig resolution rig makes a decent difference for this.

10 seconds

ctrl+click on overview or ship is even faster.

Clicking on overview means you cant manual pilot effectively because your moving your mouse from overview to screen and loosing half a second, manual piloting will get you closer to the ship than using approach and all that.


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