Warp Invulnerability Timer question

I have a question regarding Warp Invulnerability Timer.
If i understand correctly there is a 10 second moment after comming out of warp that a player cannot be targetted, unless he activates systems or targets someone.
Does this 10 second invulnerability also stop because my cov. ops cloak turns off from being near a stargate?

You can also drop this untargetability not only by activating modules but also by moving your ship, if you wish to start targeting sooner.

It doesn’t make you invulnerable by the way, you can get smartbombed or regular bombed while you’re in warp, as these weapons do not require a target lock to hurt you. Vorton weapons also can bounce to your ship and hurt/kill you while it’s still in warp.

The only thing that warping and landing after warp protects you from is from being targeted. It does not save you from getting decloaked, so if you get within 2km of an object while in warp or at the end of your warp by landing within 2km of the stargate you will get decloaked.

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Ok, thanks for your help.

No problem!

I now notice that I interpreted your question wrongly, and assumed that you were worried if your cloak could drop at the end of warp (while people couldn’t target you yet).

I see now that you were worried if dropping cloak allows people to target you in that time, correct?

To be honest, I don’t know for sure, but I know that people cannot target you while you are in warp and a few seconds after, if you have no cloak. I would guess that ‘being decloaked by an object’ during that time changes nothing about that.

Love it when I get decloaked in warp by a planet even though I’m a billion miles away from it…

Did your warp route go through that planet perhaps, @QuakeGod ?

When in warp your ship in fact teleports between multiple locations on a line, one location every server tick.
If one of those locations happens to be within a planet or within 2km of one, you do get decloaked.

This is also how people can get smartbombed mid-warp. The locations are determined by warp speed and route, so they’re predictable. Save some bookmarks mid warp in a ship with same warp speed as your intended target, sit on a bookmark and turn on your smartbombs at the right time and you’ll be able to kill people who are warping past you!

This is how you can find out which warps let you create bookmarks inside planets.

These safes are great because even if someone combat probes you down they’re decloaked upon warpin (if they’re a cloaky hunter)

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Nowadays you land outside planets even if the bookmark is within, I think.

Unless you mean the route rather than the final boommark, but that route would depend on the start location of the hostile to you and might not go through the planet.

When you decloak, you are targetable immediately without delay. The invisible invul timer only applies after warp. Not sure what happens if both occurrences take place at same time, whether the involuntary decloak will break your warp end targeting invul. Somebody may test it …

The invul timer is I think about 10s, maybe less. It gives the player landing on the target the initiative to decide when or whether to begin the fight.

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I have insta-undock bookmarks that are inside planets that disagree with you.

Did you recently use them and land within the planet?

It’s been a while, but I used to be able to warp to bookmarks within planets too. However, last time I tried (about a year or two ago) I would consistently land outside planets when warping to those bookmarks.

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Not sure about planets, but I know that you can no longer warp to bookmarks placed inside the sun. You can still manually travel inside the sun, but you can’t warp inside of it. This is a quite hilarious way to troll people in nullsec because even if they probe you down, they still can’t warp to you. It drops them 10,000 km from the sun, which still isn’t even remotely close to the surface. The actual surface of the sun is at least 100,000 km away from the warp-in point, which last time I did it, took me about 3 hours in a 10km/s ship…

At least this was back a few weeks ago, and I now have a new inner sun bookmark, tried it once and got ejected at ridiculous speed, but not recently. Don’t know if this was fixed in the meantime. I got it from probing an empty ship which was sitting inside the sun.

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