Decloaked Instantly After Jumping

I was flying an Astero when I arrived in B-DBYQ straight into a game camp of 8 people. No bubbles, only a few ships out there. Straight after I jumped into that system, after 1 second I got decloaked. The first time I thought I moved or something happened that made my ship move, I was so pissed off. So I decided to get another Astero to go into that system again just to test if I was indeed uncloaked by mistake or something else was the fault. Done and said, after 10 minutes and evading 2 other gate camps I arrived into B-DBYQ again. Right after jumping in the system my ship decloaked instantly and I didn’t press anything so now I am sure this is not my ship acting crazy. The strange thing is that the gate placed me right into the same spot as the last time I was decloaked. So yeah, I got so pissed off about this I didn’t even bothered to burn back to the gate. Can somebody else explain to me how was this thing possbile? (and please, don’t say something like “your keyboard must do something wrong or stuff like that, the ship acts just normal in every other system”. Could it be they positioned so well that they found the place in wich your ship lands on the gate after jumping into the system ? If anything else, I’m really dissapointed by CCP. First they assure you that you’re safe 60 seconds no matter what then you die…TWICE by something decloaking you. I don’t have any replays but chances are if you warp to that gate in the next 20 minutes you’re gonna find yourself in the same spot that I was. That’s really unfair, at least tell us we can be decloaked and there is no such thing as gate cloak vulnerelability if the gankers find certain spots near the gate where you spawn. For me right now that’s ■■■■■■■■.

Objects within range. Sometimes done with corpse showers. It’s questionable as that many objects can cause lag sometimes but it’s a very old tactic.

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Gate cloak didn’t work that way the last time I had the misfortune of spawning into a system right next to an object. I spawned within 2km of a Svipul in my Astero in Syndicate. His proximity didn’t break my gate cloak, just prevented me from activating my own cloaking module. As long as your ship doesn’t MOVE, you should always have 60 seconds of invisibility.

Check your Logs and messages. You may have initiated warp or aligned. Otherwise, I think you are describing a bug.


How are you sure of this?

Gate cloak should not drop because there are items that are in proximity to it. You should be invulnerable while gate cloak is on. Gate cloak should be dropped only when player with gate cloak takes action like moving. Fill a bug report and request reimbursement. They should look at it.

Also make sure you don’t have a stuck key or mouse button that created the action which decloaked you.

Ok, thank you very much for your replies friends. I will fill a bug report to CCP. Fly safe!

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Also check to make sure that when you jump in a normal system, your gate cloak stays active. It has a blue countdown icon.

Not long ago I found out my old mouse was kinda worn out, when I clicked the left button the computer registered a double-click. I found out like this: while warping I repeatedly got the “you can not do that in warp” message when looking around (by clicking and dragging) - the game responded like I was trying to manually set direction of movement (which is done by double-clicking in space).

Maybe something similar happend with your mouse and you accidentaly ordered your ship to move?


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Had the same problem - old mouse lead to phantom clicks and actions. As for the tactic of spamming junk around a gate - that’s not to uncloak you but to keep you from cloaking and warping off.

5ilent 5hift

He got your cloak.


CCP fix your game.

Fix for this will hit the NES soon™. For only 499 PLEX you can get your gate cloak back!

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