Dear CCP, Can You Please Fix Planets Decloaking You

As per the title, is there any chance this can be fixed?

I’m getting fed up with my ship getting decloaked by a very specific planet that will randomly decloak me as i’m warping to a ping on the station that orbits it, its not even consistent its just often enough that its going to get me killed one of these days

Just remove the ability for them to decloak you at all


Interesting, I haven’t heard about this before. Does this mean the center of the planet is within 2000m of your flight path to your ping? Or is your ping within 2000m of the planet itself? (I know I have some pings like that, just never tried those cloaked.)

Have you considered moving your ping a few km sideways?

As you warp, you actually land on grid each tick - this is why pipe bombing works. You are not immune to being decloaked while you are warping, either. You can easily be decloaked by planets that are close to your destination, since you spend a lot of time decelerating. With the new werposts all over the place you have to be very attentive to this.



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Yea that’s what I guessed: you’re within 2000m range of the planet on a particular tick in your warp to that ping from whatever direction you came from. I think moving the ping would solve the issue.

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The planet covers warp ins from like 1/3 of the system :stuck_out_tongue:

There is nowhere on grid it could be to avoid that, i would have to warp in from an entirely different angle

Sounds like a bug to me.

I’m a cloaker and have warped through lot’s of Planets and Moons without being de-cloaked.

Its existed for a long time, they have to be in the last part of your deceleration and you have to obviously complete that deceleration at a slow enough speed for you to be in the right place at the correct point in the server tick, it doesn’t happen all of the time

you cross thousands of grid per second … is this really a thing ? i hate to be the 'citation needed ’ guy … where did you ever get this idea from ?

pipe bombing only works at the end of the warp tunnel …

you’re immune to everything except bubbles while warping …

yes it seems the op has realized the planet is decloaking him during deceleration , and he needs to move his bookmark .

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You have much to learn.

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Have you never seen stationary ships while you were in warp or seen a player warp through your grid?

Its always been a thing, you dwon’t take damage mid warp but you can see other people on grids you warp through and they can see you if they happen to be in the right place at the right time

As i’ve said, there is literally nowhere on that grid that i can place the bookmark where 1/3 of the system won’t be affected by having to warp through that planet, as i’ve also said it doesn’t happen 100% of the time its just went server ticks align against me

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sure , very familiar with this . not sure exactly how it’s timed per tick …at 3AU/sec that’s 45,000 grid/tick you’re crossing . you telling me the server loads that into my client ? no …

so you could place a bookmark where 2/3 of the system isn’t affected by having to warp through the planet ? you’re not saying it’s impossible , just inconvenient … fit up a 50mwd punisher and get a cup of tea and burn a new ping … :slight_smile:

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Might wanna set up a new spot somewhere outside of that area to use as a sling-shot and bounce from it to your regular spot.

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Not sure if you’re actually familiar with how grids work, they don’t exist everywhere at every second, if there are no ships or objects present then there isn’t a grid there, so you’re not constantly warping through 45000 grids per server tick, most systems in EVE are made up of mostly empty space without even so much as a grid in them

Sure, if i wanted to warp somewhere else before warping to the place i actually wanted to go so i was approaching from an entirely different angle

And how many AU is a 50MN punisher going to cover exactly, because we’re talking about a massive distance to change the angle of entry to account for a planet right next to a station, it would have to be a ping at an entirely different celestial which makes it pretty pointless as a ping as you won’t be able to see whats on grid without basically doubling the number of warps involved

Sure, or they could just make it so planets don’t decloak you in warp and everyone benefits from fixing what is essentially a bug due to it being very intermittent and not being predictable

Which is exactly what I said in my original post:

I had this happen to me in one particular system too, namely in Dodixie when coming from Vylade gate, the planet gets in the way and would occasionally decloak me mid warp. I could easily solve the problem by moving the perch away, though. Visually, the planet does still seem to get in the way, but only slightly and that seems to be good enough for the problem to have never happened again.

I wouldn’t count on CCP ever “fixing” this, as they may not even consider it to be a problem, much less a bug, in the first place.


I think the only solution would be to not be decloacked in warp - not only by planet. ie warp makes you decloak immune.

Actually, you will. you can even die from PVE environment before realizing it, just by passing through a grid that contains it.

Is it the entire planet that decloaks you, or hs it the tiny planet center point? As far as I know, the surface of the planets is merely a visual thing, not an object that could decloak you, unlike the planet center. Until recently it was possible to just fly through that surface.

Unless CCP changed this.

Could you try this:

  • move your ping 20km sideways (perpendicular to your warp in direction and see if you still get decloaked
  • check your warp in path for any objects (planetary customs?)
  • fly to the planets surface (create some mid warp bookmarks to speed this up) and see if the surface decloaks you

If moving the ping does not help, there are no other possible decloaking objects and the planets surface does indeed decloak you, it seems we do need a fix.

this is not correct. i often get decloaked in the fleet during warp when the fleet contracts at warp and some guys forgot ABC