Drone decloaking

We had a small discussion on alliance comms on the topic of “can you use drones to decloak people”

I catched a lot of flak for saying that they can decloak people, and was told that it had been removed in a previous patch.

I’ve now been googling a bit and cannot seem to find any actual information on this topic. I guess i could just try it out, but i’d rather hear it from other people.

Thank you in advance!

Nope, they still decloaked, I’m online and just tried it.


Thanks! Couldn’t understand why it would’ve been removed.

Any object, drones, fighters, rocks, wrecks, space debris and etc., that comes within 2000 meters of a cloaked ship will disable the cloak.


No: Probes, bombs, smartbombs, bubbles, dictor bubble cores (the dictor itself can though if he burns at you)
Yes: Corpses, POS shields, anchorable bubble cores, anything on overview

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Interdiction probes will decloak. In fact, they also prevent you from cloaking in the first place, if you’re too close.

Biomass aka bodies will decloak you.

not to be confused with gate cloak , when you first jump into a system , and can’t be decloaked with drones …

Thanks everyone! You confirm what i already knew, i guess my alliance mate is uninformed.

People confuse drones and probes a lot for some reason. Drones will decloak you, probes will not.

But if you are too close to probes when you try to recloak, you can’t. Doesn’t that kinda prove the opposite ?

When I launch probes I always cloak back up before sending them off to do their thing…never had an issue. Also have dropped probes recloaked and aligned out before sending them off and no decloak…so I guess you are wrong there too. Drones however can decloak you. We run VNI for gate camps and such and have used them to dragnet the gate when someone comes in and recloaks which with enough of them is actually quite effecient.

Interdiction probes will decloak and prevent cloaking. Core and Combat Scanner probes do not.

Have you tried the Drone Train tactic yet?

Simply have about twenty ships with drones deployed orbit the gate ten kilometers. That should de-cloak any SB trying to sneak its way to gate.

those all appear on the overview also i’m pretty sure dic probes will decloak you. i know they used to as i have been decloaked by my own.

The ‘anything on overview’ quote is meant as anything not specifically mentioned here.

Many people have said that dictor bubble generators do decloak, so that is probably true. My client is an unreliable narrator as I’m on copper bellwire on an island in the south china sea. My download/upload speeds are currently 2.14/0.46 Mbps according to speedtest, and that’s to a Hong Kong server. God knows what it is to London. What I see and what I get are not always the same. My unlockable Ares inties are certainly lockable, too.

It’s better when the missus isn’t on Netflix, but it’s still pretty ropey.

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one thing i figured i should add is you can also go to fast to decloak if you move in and out of range in under a tick you will not decloak whoever you would have normally

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