Mobile Citadels - Arks

This would significantly shake up eve in a very interesting manner -

Essentially, citadels that move real slow, are relatively hard to scan down, can jump every few days or so and can wander existing systems. A high level, high offensive power investment. This would provide the ability for smaller groups to wage effective guerrilla warfare against the bigger alliances.

The point is they move slow. Only one jump of a few light years every few days.

Where is the risk for this?
How are the defenders supposed to defend against this it it’s hard to scan down and has high offensive capabilities?

Colour me skeptical.

What’s to stop goons spamming these like they do astrahusen?

Yep, that’s always the issue. Everything they add to help smaller groups eventually gets leveraged by the bigger groups far more efficiently.

You are talking almost of a carrier…

yes but can i sit in the citadel while its jumping and will i get jump fatigue?

Why should something the size of a city be hard to scan down?

What? That makes 0 sense.

No it wouldn’t, large alliances are exactly the people who would be able to easily destroy your magical floaty house. Probably with their 50 man fleet of defensive floaty houses.

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Just because it is big… That don’t mean shi* when it comes to finding something.
People lose there cars in a parking lot!
How do you forget where you put it?!

Nations have a hard time finding massive city sized ships out in the ocean with a full flotilla of like 20-30+ ships.

Once upon a time in EVE you could fly probes way out and fly to them off the edge of normal system scan probe range used by people looking for sites to run.

They would have to make structures not automatically appear in the overview unless you were near it or scanned it down or were a part of an alliance/corp who owned it.

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Which is already current behavior.

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Hmmn, guess I never noticed…
Systems are too small and don’t have enough variation in locations to hide them.
Used to be able to warp out to a deep space pocket and BM it to stay outside the range of quick probe scans.


The risk, I would suppose, is that they fit S-Rig Upwell Structures, you’re trading efficiency for a very limited mobility, and you probably need to light cynos to move them, so it’s a highly visible mobility. Effectively, it’d just be an Industrial Titan.

I wish deep space pockets were still a thing.

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These already exist. They are called titans. Only problem is eve players found a way to find and kill them easily

I’d be in favor only if they were only allowed in Molden Heath and the Great Wildlands. Thukker motherships :slight_smile:

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They are… They are just harder to get and very tedious to make.
Plus random.

Do Tell. If it doesn’t take three years with a 3bil cap-stable speed-fit, I’m interested.

You can do it in 2.9 years in a 10km/s capstable punisher

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