Citadel Move Feature Request

Would like to see a feature in the game where Citadels have the ability to move, minor adjustments and whatnot after they have been put online. We can rotate the it in a different direction, move them closer to an object, or anything that we cannot “test” while they are being anchored.

Maybe something that takes anywhere from a few hours to a month to complete depending on how much of a change is being requested.

Just a thought

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You can rotate and move them before anchoring… what exactly can’t you do until they are anchored?

Done people are really bad with spatial awareness. It’s a real disease in eve.

Would be nice to be able to slap a few MWDs on it and light them up.

How to steal a house.

–Gadget wasn’t always a pilot

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New feature: Machariels using a new module called tow array can rob citadels…


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