What if drifters could destroy citadels?

What do you think about this idea in general?
Like for example, if stars cross and citadels are in vulnerable state - they could apply damage to it? Will this be fun?
And in case this is the 3rd reinforce - destroy it completely.

This is for WHs
Could this be given as future idea to CCP?


How about we don’t do any of that?


Nah, wormhole dwellers need some shake-up

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You don’t like gnomes?

I’d rather see it used to clean up clutter in hi sec. Structure out of fuel for 3 months… Chance to be attacked by NPC pirates or drifters.


Well, HiSec is crowded enough to clean it.
On the other hand, wormholes are quite desert, which means less activity for their dwellers.

The only threat to citadels atm are the players, while drifters can do some harm to players too.

Why not give them ability to harass the citadels?
I remember story when HiSec drifter has put POS to reinforce mode.
It could be fun if drifters in WHs could aggro on something else, than just players.

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Cleaning high sec sounds like a really good idea. I’d get behind that …

As for whs, dont really know, got little experience with structures in wh.

You do know that the new pirate npcs in highsec already destroy undefended Citidels right?

Really? Nice.

I guess, it is time for the wormhole dwellers, with one exclusion - reinforce “defended ones”.

You see, you can easily kill drifters with citadel in C5 or C6. Why not give the opposite opportunity to the drifters?)

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Why is it always ‘High Sec’?

How about having Drifters and Sansha Incursions attack Null Sec structures since that area of space is suppose to be dangerous. Maybe then Null Sec will have something to do other than grief High Sec.


Unless CCP starts handing out free Citadels i dont want mine blown out of the game by random NPCs.

God this idea sucks.

Send it to HEK first than rest of minmatar space please il pay isk or other ppl isk for it.

Same thing can be said about NPC’s attacking and destroying player ships undocking from stations.

I could get behind this anywhere, not just WH/HS. If it’s unfueled for a period of time, the local rats or Drifters will come and try to clean house. Anyone against something like this just wants their free safety and is willfully ignoring the problems this has created everywhere for everyone else.

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your know that drifter fleets are in empire would would probably be happy to dd a citadel every time?

No actually we thought about it quite a bit before we answered. If you see a problem with citadels and there being too many get off you lazy butt and go destroy them.

Not exactly sure what you are getting at but if you are implying that im in favor of random NPCs blasting people on undock, please dont put words into my mouth, as it’s my policy to only defend things i actually said.

If you are saying you dont like the fact that NPCs blow people up on undock than make your own post not referencing mine because i dont want tossed into your assessment of anything because you’re not me.

either way gtfo.

You know what, take your own advice and GTFO.

I was merely pointing out the same thing applies to high sec. It’s actually ironic how players think it’s ok to constantly nerf and grief high sec yet if anything is mentioned about null sec getting the same treatment, all of a sudden replies like yours start being posted.

Bottom line, null sec space is suppose to be the most dangerous space in the game so that type of content would be appropriate there, not in high sec space.

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I love it , they farm drifters with citadels so why not :slight_smile:

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wtf are you talking about, i fly in highsec all the time and have done so for almost 5 years, zero times have random NPCs killed me on an undock.

Did you happen to attack drifters like you shouldnt at some point because if yes you got what you deserved. You playing stupid in highsec isnt justification for some game change affecting citadels.