What if drifters could destroy citadels?

Nope, I have never attacked Drifters and I’ve never been attacked by NPC’s on undock.

I believe there’s a misunderstanding happening here, I actually was agreeing with you but then the GTFO remark was made and now we’ve drifted into:


Well, main idea is that peopl in whs log in rather rarely, do some ratting/logistics/etc.

Having known, that not only players can ttack their citadels/poses would make them logging in more often, bringing content to the others.

Any thoughts?

I think that NPC’s should be able to do more than they are currently able to, such as attacking structures with Entosis links to try and flip the system into their Sov.

Of course this mechanic would only really work in Null space.

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CPP heard us: just seen in HS - Blood Raiders were killing raitaru in Roniko:

Not sure if the 5 frigates can do enough damage.

You’ll be surprised. If I’m correct someone theorized that the FOB npc are faction fit.

Oh yeah they throw out close to 200dps, I’ve been hunting them recently, still is it enough to eat a EC / Citadel even if offline?

Not sure how the new mechanics work with the coming up patch, but I’ve seen citadels reinforced that belongs to Corp with no wardecs with the npc flying around them, so it is possible.

Well, this reminds me of what happened to another PvP MMORPG called DarkSpace. As the player count lowered, more and more NPC’s were added to the game, eventually the game became fully automated with very little to no human interaction happening in it.

You KNOW that the null sec cartels would never allow CCP to set up the AI like that.


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