Gate Camping Citadels?

Can citadel fighters be used to assist a gatecamp? I thought the citadels needed to be placed a certain distance from a gate.

Personally, I have witnessed upwell fighters on a gate.
However unless I’m mistaken, you can’t ancor one within range of a gate, I believe the fighters can be positioned onto the gate to assist in decloaking a ship.

That’s messed up. Well now I know why so many Fortizars of known gate camping corps are on gates. I thought it was to allow easy undocking for a gate camping crew, but now I know they just want more drones (light fighters are basically oversized drones that can warp and chase a target off grid).

Both? Both.

Ahbazon has fighters at the gate very regularly, you can see this any day of the week on twich in UedamaScout channel.

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