Double Standards and Complete BS

So, recently I got tired of being crapped on by vastly superior ships from vastly higher level players. I thought, what can I do? So I came up with Warp Core Stabilizers. I thought, perfect, if im in a fight that I dont want, I dont have to be scrammed, I can just leave.

Turns out, you cant enter FW with stabs on your ship. I was stopped at the gate because I have a strategy that gives me an edge. Anyone else can scram me, neut me, and totally end me without effort, but the moment I find a concept that denies them their free win, suddenly there are rules…

It gets better. Recently I had a cargo of 35mil+, I was inches from docking in Jita when someone one shotted me and thats that. The answer I get back is, tough, this game has no rules, try doing it differently. I was in the highest high sec, and I get assassinated with no redress, thats all fine. But the moment I go into a situation with a strategy that some people dont seem to like, suddenly we have rules…

If there are rules, and zoning, then give me my cargo back and make high sec safe… Dont tell me that it doesnt work both ways… I was willing to accept that ■■■■ happens anywhere you are because thats the way this game is. But dont you DARE tell me that I cant do something because someone doesnt like it…

There is a lot of ■■■■ in this game that I dont like, most of it is simply that people are assholes, but dont think for ONE SECOND that im not allowed to be an asshole just like everyone else.

If someone wants to complain that they didnt get the kill because I opted out, then tough, thats life shitbird, deal with it. I want one or the other, all the mils I have lost in high sec cuz, or the total anarchy that is Eve… One or the other… You cant sit there and camp the shipping lanes and ■■■■ on PVE people and then cry that people arent being ‘FAIR’ when they deny you a kill in pvp…

Either we have freedom to do what we want, or we dont. So ban all gate campers in high sec, ban all suspect kills for containers in highsec, if you want to make up rules, then ban scramming and neut in high sec, dont mess around… Make standards and keep them…


Grabs popcorn :popcorn:


Warp core stab’s where being abused by bot’s they are a horrible mechanic that is easily abused, you dont need warp core stabs just keep trying new things you will eventually get something that suits you well and you will start winning.

Try watching Eve is easy channel for FW tip’s:


learn to counter other tactics instead of whining
for example, you can create a “safe dock” (and safe undock!) bookmark at Jita?or do a courrier contract to Jita? etc
it has been repetedly said that hi sec police (Concord) does not prevent you from being killed, it punishes the aggressor. Nobody is totally safe as soon as he undocks. Only station traders are.
Eve: learn and improve is the correct way to consider it. Or you can leave it for other usual mmos

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You want to enter plexes with stabilized ships ? PVP Venture or DST is the way, mate. That way, everyone will look at you the same way they do with the FW bots that just run around in ships worth less that a single Veldspar rock.

@Wyk_Bathana is absolutely right there : if you’re going to Jita with a cargo you can’t afford to lose : USE. THE. BOOKMARKS.
Insta-undock are extremely important, as it’s where your ship have that strange speed from being expelled of the station. That’s where your vulnerable.

And also, did you knew that EVE’s first rule also apply to your cargo ?
Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. Period.

What even is this post about? Turning your anger against EVE is not a way forward. It won’t help anything. Also it is fully understandable that you don’t want to play with assholes. Nobody enjoys that. Then simply don’t do it. Don’t seek assholes. Look for nice people and places instead, where you enjoy to be. They are out there.

You could be an alt and your post might be about a different character because your claimed loss in Jita doesn’t match with your zkillboard.

But anyway, even if you write about yourself, then know that EVE is hard and it takes time to get even into the basics. There is no shame in that. Your character is very fresh, only a little more than 1 month old. Joining a community to learn the ropes would help.

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Sounds like a reasonable train of thought.

But here is where things start to get shakey

If it’s a fight you don’t want, you shouldn’t ever get close enough to be scrammed.

I’m not sure how you’re engaging your targets, you don’t mention this, but excessive use of DScan is required, that way you’ll be able to see the ‘vastly superior ships’ as they approach, giving you time to make a decision as to what to do next, not wait until you’ve engaged (or been engaged) before deciding to leave. I will also mention that the majority of Frigates in low sec FW will be using an Afterburner (with a scram/web) to be able to dictate range with anyone using an MWD.

As others have mentioned bookmarks are the key to getting in and out of Jita in one piece, if you haven’t already I’d suggest finding a good player corp which will help with some of the finer points in Eve and avoid the unnecessary frustration.


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All the problems you’ve written in your OP have been asked and answered many times over eve’s lifespan. Google search is your friend.

I personally have insta bookmark for dock/undocks in many stations, I still feel it is a bad mechanism.
The NEED for them is what makes the undock-camping in jita so bad.

I tell you what son back in my day we had 30 second session change timers and when you undocked at some stations (yes before everything was a citadel) your ship would drift off dock range and you’d have to burn back into it and stay alive for the duration before you could even redock. And you’d better bet your sorry ass there was a gank tanked sensor boosted Zealot parked out there just waiting to melt your rear end. The game is a lot safer than it was and it doesn’t need to get any more safe than it is.

Or was it ten seconds? I forgot, it was long enough though.

I don’t care about how it was before.

did you know that 200 years before we did not have computers and people could not play Eve online ? Following your logic, you should trash yours.


Pour some coolant on your attitude I’m just giving OP a hard time cause he wants more safety.

then pour some coolant on your attitude.

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Drank it all

I have enough coolant for all, for only four easy payments of 20,000 ISK!

So here’s the thing… You seem to have a notion that you are “safe” anywhere in space. The simple fact is, you are not. You are “safer” in High Sec, but only b/c there is a looming threat of punishment for anyone who goes against the rules. Mind you, it’s punishment, not prevention. Nothing stops people from ganking you, they are merely punished for their actions afterward. They gank you, Concord ganks them, you are left floating, and someone scoops the loot from both of your wrecks (you and the ganker).

That’s b/c it’s Factional Warfare, not Factional runaway.


Calm down kids, I’ve seen better word exchanges in kintergarden.

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Warp core stabs will never give you an edge for pvp due to its penalties that guarantee you will be shooting last and shooting close.


Here’s the answer to your question OP. Factional Warfare is designed as a way to encourage PvP. Fitting your ship with a bunch of warp core stabilizers so that you can run away from fights isn’t what the devs want to happen.

Factional Warfare has lots of special rules. In novice sites you can only go in with T1 and Faction frigates. Do you think it’s complete BS you can’t bring in a T2 cruiser into a novice site? Will you think that when you are stopped at the gate it is because you came up with a strategy that gives you a edge? These extra rules are in place so people looking for small frigate fights can find them. If you warp into a complex, you’re consenting to a PvP fight.

If you don’t like the rules of FW you can always take your super stabbed ship out into null!

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<3 this OP
The game is flaunted as “sandbox” and “do whatever you like”, but the reality is, you’re cornered into a high-security area with limited ore/resource types if you want to experience more than being ganked all the time by (always) people who are highly geared or highly skilled (which is interesting, they can get this by queuing skills and staying out of the game for weeks) or campers who can’t really do proper pvp without their mates in large numbers catching people in traps. No skill in that, just easy kills and a one way gameplay style that drives out players eventually and statistically.

If you then raise a debate on the forums, the first to respond are the gangs and high level guys who enjoy getting these low fruit kills, with sarcastic replies and insults. What they don’t realise is, once they have chased away all the low fruit, picked all the dropped nuts off the floor and bottom-fed off every explorer/non-pvp’er, all that will remain, are the guristas and other pvp’ers with big gear, big corp money and pvp where they will actually have to work for it because it’s not 40 gate kills an hour on noobs and herons.

As with youtube comments, I won’t be revisitng this thread, so insult all you want. It won’t bug me, but know that this is not “whining” (trendy insult here), it is observational and experiencial input from those that play in different ways. If you still think the OP is unfair and whining, then stop calling Eve a sandbox where you can do anything you want, because then it is not.

Regards and Kudos to the EVE players