Highsec combat sites and poor players

Has been happening many times today over 3 so far. I scan down combat sites from system to system and go to run them. Sometimes someone is there so i leave no prob.

But now third time tonight i am 1/2 or 3/4 done with site and someone warps in then steals objective. Last two have hurled racist insults at me in local chat and other really foul talk and invite me to chat channels full of obnoxious spam and bad links.

This is the class of player nowday and what you can expect?

This is three times now diff player in maybe 5 hours

If you stay in highsec, yes. EVE encourages opportunistic playstyles like this and people will take advantage of it if given the opportunity.

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so using racist language in local chat, calling people n___s and inviting into chat channels with porn and other offensive stuff is considered acceptable?

this is now encouraged and condoned by CCP? Great.


you could report them… they do not condone that.

Not really.

Report that stuff. CCP can’t control upfront, so you report when it happens.

Also if chat is that lively…its sounds like you are in a very lively system. So if running sites you are are already doing something wrong. You want quieter systems with less people.

Less people means less doing the same thing you are. Go find quieter farther away systems.

If you don’t want to go 10+ jumps to a hub to sell your stuff neither will a lot of people. So…bite the bullet and do that. This tends to get less people hopping in you site. 5 extra hops over whatever you have now to a hub may get you paid more to make the added travel time worth it.

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scoots says they do to me

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