Stop the idiotic lowsec instalocking camps

You’d think this is a whining post about pirates ruining my day… it is not! In fact, I am the pirate ruining said day. Well, I was. I can’t leave the station anymore, due to NPC gatecamps. I’m not even joking. Look at this glorious killboard:
Some information for those not in the know: Amarr and Minmatar ‘navy’ fleets are currently camping gates all over lowsec. These guys instapoint and instagank, faster than even Concord does. As you can see from the killboard, even frigates get tackled loads of times. Basically, if there’s a gatecamp anywhere, that gate is permanently off limits. They happen to camp pipes though… so I can’t even get from Amamake to Kamela.
CCP… What the ■■■■ is this? I’m literally forced to cyno EVERYWHERE now. Are you actively trying to kill lowsec?


Sounds like they’re actively trying to kill you.

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I believe that they are part of the ongoing war between Amarr and Minmatar, so if you are in FW with either of those Navies you’ll be fair game for the opposing faction, like you normally would.


Sounds like NPCs are doing to the campers what the campers were doing to the players.
Sounds like fair play to me.


@ISD Sakimura: We are not. I’ve never been in FW either.

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yes that is understandable for the roleplaying aspect but when you do not role play or are not in FW and they still attack you even with decent standings towards those factions it is a joke.

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Hate to say it, but it actually is a whining post. HTFU!


I haven’t seen this yet, but as a matter of principle, NPCs should just be part of the scenery and never interfere with actual EVE gameplay. Trying to force people to participate in PVE content is ■■■■■■■■.

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Mind reposting that over here

Should be able to get a good threadnaught out of this.

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Why are Bots ok as long as its CCP that owns them?

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If npc’s were just doing it to other npc’s, then fine.

Players are using player made tools and tactics against other players. They are using human hours rather than botting.

As if this needs to be explained to you…

Edit- oh wait…

That’s a pretty retarded question.

What does a bot do for CCP? Does it give them an unfair advantage? Do they use them to flood the markets with cheap minerals? Print isk for stuff and things? I mean, I bet they might use it for RM… nope they don’t even RMT with them. Which I do think would be hilarious as ■■■■… but my amusement would be a poor reason.

Now… what does a bot do for a player?

Next question, why do you call it a bot and not an NPC?


The npcs pod kill.

Grow a pair and get a group of buds together to deal with them :wink:


Wow that makes so much sense… it’s like communist arguments… It’s valid for the others but not for themselves

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Stop trying to force us to band together some of us like solo play. Avoiding/fighting player gate camps is fun. NPCs wtf? What is even the meaning of this? What do you get for the effort of destroying them 1x tritanium?

Hey man just got home from work let’s go down to low and look for some fights! Ah there’s an npc camp will take a while to assemble something to take it on. Meh I don’t have much time I’d rather pvp I’ll go play X.

Really hammering the coffin on low.

Should’ve had these things spawning on null anomalies or fw missions where bots prevail not low gates where the last few fun people in eve hang around.


Baha. Wish I could like this twice.


Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Get ■■■■■■ if you don’t like existing solo play. You CAN play solo. It’s not going to be easy because they didn’t make a single player game.

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Is this a new feature or something?

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I believe they released something about in the last Release notes