Low sec should be like null but no territorial claims

By this I mean…you should get no sec status hit for killing players & no territorial claims. Everything else would be the same.

Really? Though low sec was suppose to be a pvp theme park of little activites meant for small group and solo players…not the mega fleet bull sec stuff.

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No thanks. LS should be a stepping stone from HS to NS…Harder rats/missions and a free-fire environment. The penalties to your sec status are already reduced there so…

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Correct…all that would change is not receiveing a sec status hit. Small gangs & solo would still apply.

No terrible idea, sec status is part of what makes it a transition area.


You have to keep the sec status penalties - they are a very important part of what happens with the gate guns.

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LS needs a lot of TLC such as better ores (and HS’s decreased), better ratting, better missions, etc. The incentive to head to LS needs to be increased and the reasons to make HS home decreased.


Get rid of them.

Becasue everyone loves gate campers so much… :upside_down_face:

So . . . you want to make this change. Why would this change be beneficial?

No the transition of no Concord but still no bubbles is a very healthy difference imo. I would like a ban on supercarriers and titans there though as distinguishing it more from 0 sec.

All the mechanics of LS would remain the same - no bubbles, no carriers, titans etc…except no gate and station guns and no sec status hits. Everythinf else status quo

Players gate camp and gank in 1.0…so really nothing new

So… you want a penalty-free NPC space with all the NPC benefits and no downsides for you to gatecamp in?

Very laughing. Such no. Many never.

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You are talking about two different things…so no.

With no sec status penalty, how else will you become a pirate?


CCP starts to sell parrots and eye-patches in the store?

Yarr :pirate_flag:

Pro-tip… it’s called NPC null.

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Eye Patches cost MORE THAN A MONOCLE! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ccp should include items in game that LOWER your sec status, not just raise it.

And its giftable to other players.

And if it is gifted, it is automatically applied.

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